Spyker supercars to shun electric power

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Source : Spyker supercars to shun electric power

Spyker , CEO of Spyker, Victor Muller believes in which the best performance cars with combustion engines cans manual transmission, despite pressure through regulators to go Pan electric


Spyker said CEO Victor Muller said his company will develop in addition to also guide sports cars combustion engines a long time inside future, in spite of pressure through regulators to switch to environmentally-friendly engines.

in an exclusive interview with Autocar Mueller said he hates the idea of ​​a sports car powered by electricity only because “the electric motor can be not very exciting to drive,”

, in addition to also said: “If you take away the sense of or V8 in addition to also V12 car Super sports or, I think the idea would certainly be very difficult to sell. [withelectricvehicleswearenotabletorepeatthefeelingyougetwhenyouplayoutsidetheESPintheautomotivegearshandboxyet”


beliefs Mueller in a recent sales figures for the unveiling Spyker C8 Preliator , may be decided inside guise of a manual by 86% of customers.

“the idea was a forty-three of the stick Preliator 50 orders, showing in which the manual gearbox can be back that has a vengeance, he said.” “in which shows in which the idea can be impossible to predict where the market will go.”

Preliator half of the buyers are through the United States, Mueller said manual gearbox can be increasingly ‘fashionable’ there. “Compared with different markets, not many inside United States could drive a stick. So there can be cooler to lead the evidence.” However, Mueller believes motors powered by electricity are only relevant inside SUV in addition to also wants to produce such a product inside next year. “If I drive an SUV, I do not mind having a quiet engine. Electrical power in addition to also therefore can be sold here.”

SUV takes heavy influence through the concept of 2006 D12 Beijing to Paris in addition to also will also be provided with the V12.

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Source: Spyker supercars to shun electric power

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