Car Features – To Our Dearly Departed Brands

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Car Features – To Our Dearly Departed Brands

We Filipinos take the date November 1 very seriously, especially in which we remember our loved ones who had passed away. No matter how long had they died, we still offer them a prayer in addition to also light a candle wherever we are (on the graves or on our homes).


The Philippine market had a fair share of car brands in which had come by in addition to also left us. Some brands had left for a variety of reasons such as poor sales or some controversies surrounding them. In This particular article (in addition to also for our All Saints/Souls day special), let’s make a throwback on those brands in which had ceased operations in addition to also leaving current owners left from the dust. We shall only list down brands in which were made available since the 1990s, so American in addition to also European brands which existed before aren’t counted here. Also, we will not be including brands in which had left before yet returned later on as in which would certainly warrant a separate list.

So, in memory for these brands in which had left our 7,0 island nation in addition to also leaving current owners with no support.

ALFA ROMEO (1996-2000)
All Italian car brands in which are currently available from the Philippine Islands are mostly selling high end exotic vehicles. However, back from the mid-90s Alfa Romeo arrived to battle with BMW yet with an Italian flair. The distributor, Auto Prominence, did some mishaps in addition to also couple This particular with the Financial Crisis in which crippled the region, in which had no choice yet to pull out later on. This particular distributor managed four brands with Audi going to PGA Cars in 2005 in addition to also Volkswagen pulling out in 2007 yet to return six years later through the Ayala Group.

CHANA (2008-2012)
Chinese brands arrived during the late 2000s providing consumers options for cheaper vehicles. Focus Ventures Inc, which can be known for high end household items, distributed Chana multicabs in addition to also the Benni hatchback back in 2008. Compared to its main competitor (which can be included in This particular list), in which didn’t fare well in addition to also despite news of Motor Image Group planning to distribute This particular brand, in which went out of the dodo. Currently, Focus Ventures can be selling King Long vans which did better while Racal (the motorcycle brand) carries a Chana badged van.

CHERY (2007-2016)
The second brand to jump from the China brand invasion of the late 2000s (the first one can be Foton, who had successfully penetrated the market), Chery was known for what would certainly be the cheapest car from the market: the QQ which can be had from the region of P300,000. Sure, This particular hatchback became a hit yet various quality issues hounded the vehicle in addition to also dealerships closing one by one. Two different distributors came to the scene in 2009 in addition to also 2013 yet their efforts weren’t well received despite the growth of the industry.

DAEWOO (1993-2000)
Norkis of Cebu, who can be known for motorcycles, had ventured into assembling Daewoo sedans. While somewhat a success, the financial crisis of the 90s had crippled future dreams in addition to also had ditched the Korean brand in addition to also shifting to distributing Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles from the early 2000s. To date, Norkis still sells motorcycles of various brands.

DAIHATSU (1990-2000)
Columbian Autocar Corporation was a big powerhouse during the 1990s, distributing a bevy of brands including the likes of Kia, BMW, Subaru, Mazda, Land Rover, in addition to also Nissan Diesel. One of them can be Daihatsu of Japan, which can be known for their Charade hatchback in addition to also Feroza mini-SUV. No thanks to the financial crisis in which affected every single producer, Daihatsu was pulled out of the market. As of today, Columbian can be still carrying Kia in addition to also BMW while adding Peugeot in addition to also Mahindra to the mix in addition to also the Daihatsu spirit lives on the Toyota Avanza in addition to also Wigo, both original products of the italicized D brand.

FIAT (1992-2000)
Italcar Pilipinas, a venture by Francisco Motors Inc (known for assembling passenger jeeps), used to assemble Uno hatchbacks back from the early 90s as an effort for the Peoples Car Development Program yet didn’t succeed like Kia’s Pride. Just like additional brands, in which didn’t stand the financial crisis which caused the brand to be pulled out. Francisco Motors also assembled Mazda pickups in addition to also vans in addition to also Hyundai vehicles back then.

GEELY (2008-2016)
Our third Chinese brand in This particular list, Geely came to the picture by selling the CK sedan in their dealer in Subic (in addition to also a giveaway prize in Kris Aquino’s Wheel of Fortune). After sometime, they’ve shifted to the LC hatchback in addition to also some high end sedans yet with the cost drop of the former in addition to also dismal sales, they call in which quits in 2016.

INFINITI (1997-2001)
What you don’t know can be in which Universal Motors Corporation (who used to bring in Nissan trucks in addition to also vans, can be today a BAIC distributor) used to sell the Infiniti Q45. in which can be sold in a cost where the likes of the Germans reside yet nevertheless, they had tried yet we think in which the market isn’t ready for such type of car since the Europeans first come to mind. Lexus had to wait until 2009 to break from the Philippine market with success.

LINCOLN (1998-2002)
Ford Group Philippines returned in 1998 with four vehicles being offered, all of them are high end ones in which includes the following: Expedition SUV, F-150 pick-up, E-150 van, in addition to also the Lincoln Town Car, the latter being favorite among limousine operators. No separate Lincoln dealers were put up, rather these can be ordered through your nearest Ford dealership. They’ve dropped This particular one from the line-up that has a focus towards the Asian market versions.

OPEL (1997-2004)
When General Motors Philippines set-up shop back from the late 90s, they’ve brought back Opel for the second time (This particular used to be available back from the 70s in addition to also 80s) since Chevrolet isn’t offering any passenger vehicles, in which was deemed especially they will complement one another with dealerships being situated beside one another. Similar to a strategy done by Ford, the German brand was discontinued to focus on Chevrolets destined for the ASEAN market.

PROTON (1995-2000)
The only Malaysian car brand to be sold here, the Proton Wira can be essentially a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer with some differences. While assembled here, the arrival of a modern style of the Lancer for 1997 as well as the financial crisis had This particular one pull out of the Philippine market.

RENAULT (mid-late 90s)
If you think in which Peugeot was the only French car brand to be made available here, then you’re wrong. Renault also existed from the Philippines through an independent dealer located in Makati. Their line-up included the likes of the Laguna, Megane, Twingo, in addition to also Spyder. We had no idea how they’ve disappeared through the radar back then.

SMART (2004-2006)
Sometime in 2004, CATS Motors (Mercedes Benz, Chrysler) brought from the diminutive Smart Fortwo in addition to also Roadster. Smart vehicles are a brainchild of Swatch, the watch brand in addition to also they wanted to build a car which can be personalized, similar to their wristwatches. Due to their high cost no thanks to their imported status, these were quietly removed through the market years later.

Car Features – To Our Dearly Departed Brands

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