The Best Texas Auto Insurance Companies

The best car insurance in Texas should protect you in the event of an accident, whether it's adverse weather conditions or a collision with an uninsured driver. Because Texas has one of the country's strictest minimum coverage requirements, an ideal insurance provider offers affordable coverage, financial stability, and excellent customer service.

Currently, in Texas, in the event of an accident, there is a one in seven chance that the other driver is not insured. Unless you have uninsured / underinsured motorist insurance (UM / UIM), you will have money in your pocket. Texas's minimum requirements also do not include full coverage, which you will certainly want to consider, as the state ranks first for monetary losses from "disasters" such as hail storms and hurricanes.

How we found the best car insurance companies in Texas

We began by identifying the top five Texas-based auto insurers by market share and comparing their financial strength, coverage options and customer service using a methodology similar to that described in our best-seller survey. car insurance. We then checked with J.D. Power and Consumer Reports to see how each company's customers rated them in terms of overall satisfaction and claims rates. Finally, we collected quotes for six hypothetical drivers, taking note of the endorsements and discounts available from each company.

State Farm has many satisfied customers in Texas, judging by its 15% market share - the largest in the state. State Farm has outperformed almost all the companies on our customer service list, rated by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. It also has a stellar website, which helps you understand which covers best fit your specific needs. We would have liked a live chat feature, but there are many contact alternatives, including a mobile app.

That said, the quotes we received from State Farm were terribly expensive compared to the competition - generally about three times more. While the additional cost may be a guarantee of good financial strength and efficient customer service, we recommend collecting quotes from multiple vendors to determine the best balance between cost and coverage.

Allstate is more reasonable in terms of price, and it appeared that our quotes indicated the lowest price for drivers under 25 years. Consumer Reports readers felt that overall satisfaction was only marginally lower than that of State Farm, but Allstate got ahead in J.D. Power's ratings with a higher score in agent interaction. It can not be denied that Allstate is popular in Texas, with the second largest market share of any company with about 11.7%. It is also one of the only companies to offer gap insurance for new cars, which is lacking at State Farm. And if your Allstate quote is lower than its competitors, it could make all the difference to whether you can afford full coverage and / or UM / UIM, two particularly useful add-ons in Texas.

Farmers have the fifth largest market share in Texas at 8.2%. According to J.D. Power, Texans are more impressed by the declarations of their farmers than by those of Allstate. Unfortunately, Consumer Reports readers expressed a little more dissatisfaction with the speed of their payments when comparing Farmers to State Farm and Allstate. The financial strength of farmers is also a few notches lower than others. This does not mean that the company is about to go bankrupt - it's just the difference between "pretty stable" and "completely solid".

The biggest disadvantage for farmers, at least in Texas, is the high premium. It's the second most expensive supplier on our list for five of the six driver profiles we've been quoted for, but it's pretty much average for young drivers. We still think it's worth getting a quote from Farmers because it offers the most discounts to our competitors.

Progressive is another solid option for Texans, but is slightly behind our best choices in terms of financial strength and claims satisfaction. The differences are quite minor, but they make it difficult to justify Progressive Over State Farm or Allstate on the basis of everything except the price, which was about average. However, we appreciated the ease with which we obtain a quote via the website. Progressive is one of the only companies we have offered to offer a live chat option.

Progressive offers a range of discounts, including one for adding a recently licensed teen driver to your existing auto policy (which is surprising given that teenage drivers are among the most risky to insure). However, a discounted policy is not necessarily cheaper than a no-discount policy, and the Texas Department of Insurance premium data shows that Progressive is, on average, the most expensive for young drivers among the five first from Texas.

Texas is home to the second largest number of serving military personnel in the country. USAA caters to military and retired military service members and their families and holds 8.4% of the Texas auto insurance market. Its auto insurance comes with a plethora of discounts and you can even save by combining car insurance with home or renters insurance. You can also get carpool coverage via USAA, which is an emerging supplement but is still rare in today's market.

USAA maintains a strong financial position and has ranked first among our top choices with Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. This means that you will not have to worry about your financial situation anymore and that you will probably have a decent time throughout the claims process. If you or a member of your immediate family is an active or retired member of the service, you should definitely call USAA and get a quote.