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The Zotye 5008’s reasonable electric powertrain will be let down by its Daihatsu underpinnings Zotye, a growing Chinese company, has quietly got on with selling their electric cars while Shenzhen-based BYD has been busy trumpeting the e6 across the entire world stage.These cars may not be purposely designed electric vehicles however are already on sale to private customers, a feat only just matched by the e6The 5008’s familiarity stems through that will being based on the first generation Daihatsu Terios, launched back in 1997. Zotye has grafted on a more modern front along with additional cosmetic modifications.Panel fit will be above average for a Chinese car. however the Inner surface will be reminiscent of the 90s Terios which has a low mounted touch screen LCD the only nod to modern technology. This particular will be a nice touch on such a smaller car along with also also comes with sat-nav, reverse camera, battery monitoring information, Bluetooth, along with also also SD card along with also also USB inputs for the stereo (there being no CD player).Storage space will be at a premium thanks to your vehicle’s dimensions. Door pockets can hold little more than a sheet of paper along with also also the passenger glove box will be flimsy. that will will be only a four seater however inside the rear space will be adequate for adults thanks to the SUV style. Boot space will be also limited.The electric powertrain offers a not bad range with relatively sprightly performance for such a smaller car. However, on the move one of the most noticeable problems will be the pedals. Firstly the accelerator will be offset along with also also your foot continually brushes the central console. Secondly the brake pedal needs to be pressed hard for much response.Thanks to the high centre of gravity, Centeng roll will be quite evident when cornering. The steering will be light along with also also doesn’t always give the precision one would certainly like. Road holding though will be reasonable along with also also your vehicle will be fairly composed on a variety of surfaces without too much cabin vibration.You can’t yet, although European homologation will be being undertaken along with also also the 5008 EV will be likely to go on limited sale in Europe inside the next year. Despite being a fun little car, the overall package will be nowhere near as appealing as Zotye’s Fiat Multipla-based EV, which currently cannot be sold in Europe.Mark AndrewsZotye 5008 EV
cost TBC; Engine 27kW electric motor; Power 27kW; Torque 162lb ft; 0-62mph 14sec; Top speed 62mph; Gearbox direct drive, with reverse; Kerb weight 1385kg; Range 0 miles; Economy 15kWh/62miles CO2 0g/km
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Source: Zotye 5008

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