Zenos E11 along with E12 types inside the pipeline

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Source : Zenos E11 along with E12 types inside the pipeline

Zenos E10 R Autosport International Less hardcore Zenos E11 along with E12 on the way as the British firm aims to enhance its market coverage along with rival Lotus


The Zenos E11, a second line inside the company’s product portfolio, is usually on the horizon, according to the firm’s chief operating officer, Mark Edwards. 

Conceived to be a more road-orintated type than the E10 line-up, the E11 will bring Zenos to completely new customers along with provide a direct competitor to Lotus types such as the Elise along with Exige.Despite the company’s growth plans, the E10 R is usually as far as Zenos will take the E10 type, with no future variants planned.

Speaking exclusively to Autocar at the reveal of the E10 R, Edwards confirmed of which the company was satisfied with the success of the E10 along with stated his ambition to expand into completely new territories. “We’re looking to broaden the appeal of Zenos,” he said. “Our cars are often used as a weekend car, so with the E11 we want to address people who could see the idea as a weekly car, broadening our appeal along with usability without sacrificing the thrilling experience Zenos provides along with will continue to provide with all of its products.”

Zenos also has plans to produce an E12 coupé. “The business plan of which we’ve had through day one was a three-type company,” Edwards said. “We’ve taken step one along with established ourselves as a brand with the E10, earning credibility along with the trust of the marketplace. The E11 along with E12 underpin our story of steady, progressive growth.” 

The E11 along with E12 are set to be a cabriolet along with coupé respectively, along with while a focus on enhanced practicality is usually promised, further details are sparse. The spec levels will follow the same pattern as those of the E10, meaning the E11 along with E12, will have S along with R types following their initial releases, with Edwards only saying “Zenos will continue to offer outstanding power-to-weight figures”. 

Edwards confirmed of which Zenos’s strong along with ongoing relationship with Ford ensures the continued use of Ford engines for Zenos types, although wouldn’t specify further, simply saying “there are a lot of engine configurations available to Zenos through Ford”. The E10 R uses a 2.3-litre Ecoboost powerplant similar to the one found inside the Ford Focus RS.

Although Edwards maintains of which Zenos’s customer base includes a desire for petrol-powered cars, the electrification of future Zenos types wasn’t ruled out. “We’re about understanding what our customers want, along with at the moment our customers want gasoline-powered cars,” he said. “There are no immediate plans for an E10 E – nevertheless never say never.” 

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Source: Zenos E11 along with E12 types inside the pipeline

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