Your Audi R8 (2015) Review Before Buying The Car

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 - Audi

Consider Audi R8 (2015) review, just on the off chance that you have goal to make a purchase, is a worth noting. This way you can become acquainted with the auto better before making it as your profitable possession. Audi R8 for its 2015 model actually is the second generation from the previous predecessor. Not to mention, but as the second generation, if you expect for the significant change from its exterior presentation, you will get disappointed, since there is nothing like huge update for the car. However, it is exculpatory if you consider the technology as part of the vehicle.


Audi R8 11

The Engine Beneath The Bonnet

The only regretful thing about the second generation of Audi R8 is, there is no longer V8. Perhaps you know that the earlier model provides both V8 and V10 for the engine, however now on your only option is V10. Say for the engine, then it is a 5.2L 10V that produces 532bhp. But you know what, if you move from the standard V10 to V10 plus you will get more power like 610bhp. In addition, the engine will also be coupled with 7-spd automatic dual clutch gearbox that transmit the power from the engine room to its all four wheels system. After you read about Audi R8 (2015) review for its engine, spot something familiar? Those who love Lamborghini Huracan find out that the two have identical power train.

Audi R8 LMS ultra front left

Why Buying Audi R8

Looking for a super car for everyday usage for stunning technology that you expect from a car, Audi R8 will be your best option within the few either you choose the one with V10 or V10plus. Surely, based on Audi R8 (2015) review the change that is appeared only the subtle one, still you won’t regret as the technology that is designed as part of the super car rest assure you about the enjoyment of driving the car like electromechanical steering system, satellite buttons and many more.


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