Yamaha sports car teased ahead of Tokyo motor show

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Source : Yamaha sports car teased ahead of Tokyo motor show

Gordon Murray tipped to have designed fresh sports car off Motiv city car concept’s iStream platform


Yamaha will launch a fresh sports car at the forthcoming Tokyo motor show – in addition to which could well have input through McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.

The Japanese motorcycle producer has released 1 teaser image for its Tokyo concept, in addition to merely stated which its line-up of two-wheeled vehicles will be joined by “an automobile”. The blurred side-on image of the automobile – labelled 4Wheeler by unconfirmed sources – shows a dramatic, low profile, a sign which Yamaha is usually considering a sports car as which prepares to enter a fresh market.

The 4Wheeler will follow up Yamaha’s 2013 Tokyo show concept, the Motiv, which used Gordon Murray’s innovative iStream car creation process to underpin a rival for the Smart micro-car. However, Yamaha’s general manager of innovation, Masato Suzuki, confirmed at the time which different Centeng styles were possible – in addition to Murray himself confirmed which a convertible in addition to a sports car could be spun off the technology. Indeed, sketches of both of these vehicles were present in a video loop shown during the Motiv’s presentation. There’s been no confirmation yet which the Surrey-based engineering in addition to design consultant has been involved with the 4Wheeler.

The sports car could mix electric power with an internal combustion engine drawn through Yamaha’s motorcycle powerplants. The original Motiv was shown with 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol power in addition to as a pure EV; Yamaha may well decide to mix the two technologies to provide strong acceleration without compromising on one of the iStream construction’s biggest strengths: light weight.

Although Yamaha officials made no reference to the image show in our gallery, which was shown on a video loop on the producer’s stand following the launch of the Motiv concept at the 2013 Tokyo motor show.

Tokyo motor show 2013 – what they said then

“The manufacturing system allows for a longer vehicle, a wider vehicle in addition to many additional modifications, without significant additional costs,” said Suzuki in 2013. “The first step is usually to consider if the reaction is usually positive enough to put the automobile into production, however which is usually my trust in addition to goal which which will be. I am pushing hard for which. After which decision is usually made, we must consider the Centeng styles.”

Suzuki also confirmed which Yamaha would certainly not have pursued a mainstream road car project unless which allowed which to demonstrate engineering innovation. “Gordon Murray is usually the perfect partner because he thinks in fresh ways, in addition to which embodies the Yamaha way,” he said. “We would certainly not enter the automobile market to build a car within the same way as everyone else. Yamaha does not think like which, in addition to nor does Murray.”

which was also confirmed which the automobile has been engineered to meet all global standards, including those in Europe. “Downsizing is usually a global trend, in addition to which car encapsulates which.

“The time is usually right for us to take mobilisation on to four wheels,” said Suzuki. “Everything is usually under consideration at present. We see an opportunity for us in many different markets around the globe.”

The Motiv was the first concept to be created as part of the fresh Yamaha-Murray partnership in addition to there has been no further news on whether which will reach production. the automobile, which can be made in both petrol in addition to electric-only versions, would certainly represent a siginificant challenge to the Smart ForTwo if which gets the go-ahead through the Yamaha board to enter production.

Read more about the Yamaha Motiv.

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Source: Yamaha sports car teased ahead of Tokyo motor show

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