World NCAP to eradicate zero-star cars by 2020

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Source : World NCAP to eradicate zero-star cars by 2020

Hyundai i10 crash test safety crash in addition to pledged the globe organization NCAP to eliminate cars that will score zero stars by 2020


estimated 20% of the cars sold each year fail to meet the minimum recommended safety standards of the United Nations. Thus says the global general secretary NCAP David Ward, who has vowed that will his organization rated star on the cars by 2020. Zero will eliminate

In an exclusive interview with Autocar’s, Ward said: “The current arguments by the automakers as Why they will not meet the minimum standards are silly, regulators in addition to consumers will not stand for the item much longer. ”

regulation 924 of the United Nations sets minimum standards for accident 35mph, which sums out of the question until they need to be “core airbag crash of an individual structure.” In recent years, NCAP severe motor criticism – including those built by Datsun, Ford , Hyundai in addition to Tata – for failing to provide adequate protection

“, in addition to the argument put forward by some car makers is usually that will they have to build cheap cars to attract buyers away through the motorcycle, nevertheless there is usually no actual evidence to support that will claim,” Ward said. “Car Dealers deserves the basic standard for safety, the cost saving is usually a modest – whether the item be through better engineering of global platforms or invest less than $ 50 inside airbag. Arguments against doing that will is usually just silly.”


Ward to tighten regulation in emerging markets such as Brazil in addition to India as key in pledged his organization to eliminate all zero automotive star of the sale by the year 2020. He was also warned that will consumers are turning to numerous companies that will do not take action to meet the standards in early time.

“Consumers have a growing understanding of what is usually required, in addition to car companies that will do not provide the minimum will be told to leave at a commercial disadvantage,” Ward industry.

comments Ward comes inside wake of the controversy after GM’s Mary Barra coach defended her company’s decision not commensurate with the air bags for some cars that will the company sells in Latin America.


Parra: “There are many cases in which we are much higher than the standards, nevertheless we also have to look at affordability, otherwise you cut off people who need even provide transportation.”

comments – who wants ultra-cheap car

race to build the globe’s cheapest car, once the stuff, with the Western world is usually eager to get what was possible just a few thousand headlines? Dollars.

cars like Tata Nano , Datsun Go , Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 in addition to Chevrolet Aveo were born, a revolution in in addition to the item was personal mobility is usually expected. So far, however, that will did not happen, with car sales budget to meet the expectations of a global failure.

as rising global wealth, the item is usually also anticipated to residents to buy a car inside growth, nevertheless the item is usually clear through the budget cars fired up at that will point that will fewer people are looking to the item than previously thought

commentators suggest the market traders have overlooked a serious flaw in their plan: even car buyers budget, the item seems, they have ambitions upward, driving around, in addition to seeing the item inside basic vehicle described does not meet the cheapest inside globe to them.

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Source: World NCAP to eradicate zero-star cars by 2020

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