Will Renault put the RS16 into production?

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Source : Will Renault put the RS16 into production?

Renault Clio RS16 Despite its debut at the Monaco Grand Prix This kind of weekend, as well as the decision whether RS16 production will still be made


can be hard to imagine of which Renault Sports will go to the trouble of Engineering RS16 , showing its Inside for journalists as well as the publication of of which even before the large-scale of the Monaco Grand Prix without reaching production.

There are many Great reasons. First, Renault Sport needs to buzz This kind of car can create more than they were years ago. While Megane RS designs are still quick as well as desirable, has been replaced by a look through a completely new form for the rest of the group, as well as the percentage of buyers are more curious about newshape designs of older buy. To complicate matters, Renault Sport has been knocked off its perch by the former maker of the fastest front-wheel drive cars in Nurburgring, as well as of which things are in This kind of market.

yet the big issue concerning Cleo . All of the company of which buyers in completely new markets like turbo 1.6-liter engine with paddle shift gearbox protests, the United Kingdom can be still a leader inside the rapid acceptance of Renault, the auto has had a cool reception here. Renault Sport needs to king-hit to keep aloft a star. If you have a business of which sells 35,000 vehicles as well as generates £ 500 million a year in revenue, you can not let of which slip.

as well as RS16 has all the hallmarks of a winner lay down. We did not ride in of which did not confirm of which explicitly, yet three-quarters did the job. Insiders say the company car can be expensive to build as well as insist he must make a profit. yet we believe its role in maintaining the Renault Sport flame burning brightly can be more important, as well as more likely to be on the production of money delay scheduling.

Renault Clio RS16 revealed in Monaco

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Source: Will Renault put the RS16 into production?

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