Will Brexit Impact Road Safety?

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as the British government to start thinking about the process to leave the European Union, brake , the Charitable Society for Road Safety, as well as highlight the need to make no that will is usually kept certainly regulations as well as standards only for saving lives, however also enhanced.

road safety as well as the battle for sustainable transport within the UK is usually currently assisting the regulations as well as requirements of the European Commission in quite a few areas. Standards of protection as well as crash your vehicle, as well as hours of work a driver as well as the limits of air pollution all help keep both our roads safe as well as the planet


organization of the European Commission related to, for example:

(1 ). public safety EC Regulation 661/2009 on vehicle standards : set up outside the specifications to ensure public safety cars as well as trailers, systems, component. Units separate technical

2. for walking EC Regulation safety 78/2009 : crash protection for pedestrians as well as road users at risk another, for example, decisions on the protection of front-crash systems to reduce the number as well as severity of injuries to vulnerable users hit by the fronts of vehicles.

3. Regulation (EC) 561/2006, as well as the directive 2002/15 / EC : provides a common set of rules for maximum daily as well as fortnightly driving times, as well as daily as well as weekly minimum periods for all road transport as well as passenger vehicle drivers comfort. The scope of regulation varied dramatically operations, including passenger transport, road transport operations, at the international as well as national levels, long as well as short distance.

In addition, the European Union sets the bar for the limits of air pollution within the cities, a lot of which is usually caused by traffic. that will’s more important than ever, with the globe Health Organization describes the air quality as a public health emergency, which are kept of these controls, especially when they have recently been found on diesel vehicles to pollute far more on roads than that will was in laboratory test conditions.

EU air pollution limits has led, within the last year, the Supreme Court ruled against London for failing to stay within these goals, which requires them to comply. As via abroad to Europe, as well as Britain do not have such a compulsion to London as well as our some other growing cities to comply with nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide as well as particulate matter levels set by Europe.

The EU also provides valuable opportunities for traffic enforcement agencies Transportation Research across the Union to share best practices, knowledge as well as combined overall efforts to improve road safety, police as well as support for cross-border traffic laws measures. The links on the Europe-wide on the enforcement of traffic laws never stronger, which helps to fight against unsafe as well as illegal to operate commercial vehicles in particular, however also the enforcement of cross-border generally a driver license, as well as campaigns of the border less against the scourge of Europe-wide via alcohol as well as drug driving. We must ensure that will as a nation we contain the experience as well as the voices are still heard as widely as possible to save the largest possible number of lives.

Gary Ray, director of communications as well as campaigns brakes, the Charitable Society for Road Safety, said: However, that will is usually important that will we begin the separation process as well as safety on the roads of the European Union as well as work to find solutions sustainable transport is usually not compromised. saved thousands of lives through regulations transport enhanced. must not be seen life outside the European Union as a step backwards when that will comes to safety as well as sustainability. that will will be down to the Government of the United Kingdom to ensure that will meet our own standards, however as well as exceed the current European standards. as a charity, working to save lives as well as protect the planet, aiming brake to do its part to be at the forefront of the struggle for these criteria . ”

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Source: Will Brexit Impact Road Safety?

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