Will Autonomous Cars Mean No More Traffic Lights?

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Will Autonomous Cars Mean No More Traffic Lights?


when cars drive themselves, there would certainly be no need for flashing colorful lights bright ,, which responds to humans. What will be smart, along with devices Laden sensor, automotive independent do when they approach the intersection? This particular is usually exactly what researchers by the three countries are trying to work out.

“traffic lights are old technology dating 150 years originally conceived for horse carriages old,” says the site’s traffic light , part of the Sensable Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology City. “Will survive the emergence of autonomous vehicles?”

video above shows a glimpse of what can happen when when the traffic lights become more like air traffic control. Each vehicle entering the intersection automatically along with, of course, sounds central control system, which then sets your vehicle time to pass through the intersection. According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETHZ), along with the Italian National Research (CNR), the theory goes like This particular: by giving each car a specific time slot in which to pass through the accumulation of traffic of resolved last through computer algorithms Complicated.

Read more Discovery News , which says in which the system of allocation of slot in real time “will double the number of vehicles able to pass through the intersection in a certain amount of time”, time saving along with emissions . Claims in which researchers also adapt the system for pedestrians along with cyclists, however, he met that has a little healthy skepticism. “Maybe I’ll get over in which,” says the writer Glenn MacDonald , optimistically.


intersections that has a slot from the real-time allocation can handle twice the number of conventional vehicles lit traffic.

yet right now, imagine a future where you can actually [19459027HelefttheadministrationinLosAngeles. Where your vehicle is usually working smoothly along with rationally irrational because humans are not in control. Where the planet will not have to deal with Pittsburgh rights , fifteen sessions of light traffic, or some other mental-wreaking nightmares in which make modern day driving something like This particular cumbersome. In fact, This particular is usually not a beauty in which self-driving cars promised us?

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Will Autonomous Cars Mean No More Traffic Lights?

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