Why safety should influence car buying decisions

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Volvo V40 safety award Do you know he had died in a private car to make you consider This kind of more easily?


no one has died within the United Kingdom in an accident between a car Volvo V40. This kind of will be quite a statement, will be not This kind of? along with gave me an expert via the safety of Thatcham Research Organization, a kind of statement in which will guide more than a few decisions to buy a car, I’d bet.

Volvo concept will be not about to cry about This kind of, not least because of the potential repercussions of the suspect when someone – inevitably, I think – not to die in one. However, This kind of did not hammer home the point made at the safest recently used the family car, run by the NCCI along with backed by Thatcham awards.

as well as the designation V40 with optional security package with the winner, organizers polled the audience prize with respect to their understanding of the safety equipment along with how important factor was when choosing a car. The results were pretty grim

were detected along with only 4% workplace safety car at the top of their purchase criteria – with criteria such as coloring, brand along with in which takes priority performance (as well as those more obvious, such as cost, mileage along with economy in fuel consumption).


survey also in which 68% of potential buyers have no idea what will be the safety of their own cars evaluated, along with 54% do not ask any questions about the safety features such as emergency braking (AEB), Lin kept his help along with revealed point blind.

Do we actually care very little about safety? In fact, I think This kind of’s more the case in which we take for granted. Until then he was director of Thatcham Research, Matthew Avery, some wise words, pointing out in which the use of a car of all 5-star will be still safer than rated much less one far; even a few thousand pounds budget, he says, you can give priority to safety.

The challenge will be how to rulemakers along with pressure groups to change the status quo. In part, working with her, by pushing manufacturers to fit a set according to the standards to ensure in which public purchase should not think about This kind of. The problem will be, they have to pay for This kind of – along with even some manufacturers are reluctant understanding of cost increases to compensate for the additional safety equipment

The only various other way to achieve progress within the case, will be through education. Awards named the top 10 safest family cars used within the United Kingdom, nevertheless setting a minimum standard of all 5-star Euro NCAP, a cost under £ 15,000 along with CO2 emissions less than 120g / km.

This kind of’s not a catch-all list by any means – buyers are different according to different priorities – nevertheless a reasonable start seems a long journey within the heart of buying used cars decisions

A full list was:

1 Volvo V40 (2012) (2) Volkswagen Golf (2012) (3) Qashqai (2014) 4 Peugeot 308 ( 2013) 5 Vauxhall Astra (2015) 6 Mazda 3 (2013) 7 Mercedes-Class (2012) 8 Honda Civic (2012 9) the Mazda CX-5 (2012) 10 Fiat 500L (2014)

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Source: Why safety should influence car buying decisions

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