Why modern cars are getting more expensive to fix

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Repairing today's modern cars is actually becoming increasingly complex increased complexity in our cars makes the item more difficult – in addition to more expensive – to fix the item


between March last year in addition to February of which year, the item participated nearly 0,000 brand new cars in accidents, a third of them within two months of registration.

Many of the incidents were prangs low speed, nevertheless in spite of of which, the repair cost insurance companies an average of £ 2050 per car.

exchange accident, a company of which organizes rental car following an accident, which calculated the figures presented above, says brand new cars are packed at of which point with the technology of which uses sensors, ultrasonic, radar in addition to cameras, often located in places of which are vulnerable to the effects.

the item fitted on cars of which have been built up to 20 different types of materials (points different strengths in addition to gauges of steel in addition to aluminum, for example, as well as carbon fiber materials in addition to additional composites, which can be welded , riveted in addition to glued or bonded together).

All of these technologies in addition to materials are expensive to replace or repair, a leader inside the insurance industry on the cars to fear of which the “point of no return” inside the automobile’s life – cycle when the item becomes a way uneconomical to repair in addition to announced write-off – arriving earlier Ever. Of brand new cars last year was an accident, was written almost 10% off.

“Given how technology Laden is actually likely to be costly to repair become cars, the item doesn ‘t always have a significant effect require of which cause great harm,” says Scott Hamilton Cooper, director of operations at the exchange accident.

laid bare the issue of write-offs recently at an event attended by insurance professionals in addition to Centeng shop in Thatcham research, insurance industry research on automotive center in Berkshire, where, in addition to decided vehicles insurance groups’ among additional things.

“training organizations in addition to structures in addition to all employees of the independent sector can not keep keep up with the pace of change in vehicle technology,” says Jason Mosley, executive director of the National Association for Bodyshops. “For example, there are more computer code inside the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class by the Boeing Dreamliner.”

of which increase inside the complexity of the structures means they take longer to repair cars in addition to charging more to do so as a result, which insurance companies were forced to write off some of the cars of which is actually still relatively smaller.

Concerned by the trend, the item is actually known of which automakers severely underestimate spare parts in a practice called “the total value of the losses avoided”, in addition to aims to provide cars by being written off in early life.

Malcolm Neil of the common claims management company among EDT, agrees of which the techniques of which rapidly evolving manufacturers building the automobile in addition to fix the current challenges of brand new cars are a growing concern.

“years ago, the whole building, automotive similar, nevertheless not more than of which,” he says.

“You can not just seal the damaged modern car paintings, you might cut through a sensor or wires to them. For example, to replace the anterior part on the current BMW 5 series takes three times longer than the previous one, for once you’ve got a whole stripping out bootlid, in addition to cut all kinds of ECU batteries inside the item. ”

indicating Volvo XC90 on the neighboring stand, colleague Neil Andrew Higson, raises another issue.

“You are no longer able to heal the rift bumper after the effect of light, because the extra layers of paint, filler will affect the calibration or performance of sensors fitted to the item,” he explains. “You have to buy a brand new one, in addition to the item is actually not cheap.”

If you installed the brand new bumper, the item must be encrypted sensors inside the automobile in addition to then calibrated. inside the case of Thatcham, Neil Hilton, Hella Gutmann of diagnosis, suggesting his company calibration sensor system, which cost £ 11,000.

“inside the past several years we have seen a significant increase in sensor-based systems,” he says.

“is actually, in addition to most of the replacement of the sensors in addition to calibration work by primary dealers, who can charge what they want. For example, one dealer wanted £ 1300 for the supply in addition to calibration of the radar on the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 who hit a cyclist problem . We need to get more calibration systems like us inside the aftermarket to help pay for cost reduction. ”

At the same time, the issue of what is actually happening on the high-tech cars today when the item requires reform inside the coming years on the minds of additional visitors to the exhibition.

“I worry about those people who buy a used car of which’s been in a crash in addition to apparently reform, nevertheless the equipment of which can not be seen does not work because the Centeng shop of which did the reforms can not do the item properly,” says Wali Terroni, director of the reform of the reform SOLUS incidents centers.

thought of “unique penthouse” his hand on the Thatcham state-of-the-art BMW 7 series style show, with the inner core carbon CFRP them (reinforced carbon fiber plastic) bars is actually unable, inside the while 15-year-old does not bear thinking about.

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Source: Why modern cars are getting more expensive to fix

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