Why Ford will be pushing for a fresh image

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Source : Why Ford will be pushing for a fresh image

Ford Cortina I thought you knew Ford, nevertheless today you do not. Why the global car industry wanted to renew its brand image?


Great old Ford . Great old reliable age, Ford fixed. Always there, always the same: a global company feels like the item will be for us because they are always invested here, along with with the group of cars of which you feel like you know of which when I was young, the item was Uncle Kevin Cortina along with today Angela sales has Mondeo . Like to know how to register your name, how much you take milk in your tea, you know what will be the feast. You know Ford.

the item seems, should not you. If you’ve seen paintings along with letters, you’ll know of which Ford could like you to stop the things of which have been thinking about the item over time.


bulletin boards three crossings do not you even be very familiar with in everyday life: the fresh Super G T, the latest Mustang sports car along with the edge of an SUV. Visit the department proposed the idea of ​​the Ford site along with three feature strongly again, along with some of those sentences horrific advertisement of which contains the words, nevertheless do not say anything. I learn the item will be about “producing room for improvement as there will be no” along with “producing something out of nothing”, for example.

I learn about selling more cars along with producing more money, in fact. of which will be a Great thing. Ford will be your vehicle company, along with of which will be what you do, despite the fact of which in recent times will be not in sufficient quantities to Europe, where she returned profits last year for the 1st time since 2011.

nevertheless the item does not doing the same old thing will be not Great enough any more

Hence, the alterations will not be designed crossings for Europe only, along with the lineup will be not only family cars I had known since childhood (although the pressure on the discovery of the Ford Group by the Department link put forward the idea, along with you will still find the item largely will be), along with Ford adding additional automotive services to its jurisdiction. There are also Vignale. Ford wants to get a little bit more exciting, along that has a bit more premium along with do more for you. All things involving the deal.

no problem. nevertheless he says, will be not the item, of which Ford could like you to change your perception of the item? Ford still sell a lot of cars. along with holiday almost certainly be the best-selling car from the United Kingdom of which year, along with the third focus. Unfortunately for Ford, they’re affordable car, which means of which each sale will be not very profitable. They also – like most of the crossings – Great to some extent. Imagine if you were a graduate of the slag. the item has competitors who do.

BMW , Audi along with Mercedes-Benz do not need to think again about their brands. You actually think they’re expensive, along with of which will be why you want one, thanks to funding affordable deals, along with can have one. There will be no problem lies only Ford, nevertheless all additional non-premium car maker as well. You must know all of which, nevertheless not all admit the item so openly.

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Source: Why Ford will be pushing for a fresh image

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