Why Citroën along with Mazda are putting an emphasis on comfortable cars

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Source : Why Citroën along with Mazda are putting an emphasis on comfortable cars

Citroen Cactus two manufacturers Bucking the trend of biological compounds by creating a softer ride along with more comfortable vehicles, along with the idea will be a step welcome


I know in which two swallows do not make a summer, yet there will be definitely something afoot inside the automotive industry. Earlier This specific month, the presence of both Steve along with I Kroble different completely new technology offers a promising far greater than the convenience of the drivers inside the future.

Steve engine was in Citroen Cactus equipped using a completely new damping system who engineers the company says will be an effective alternative in terms of cost for hydraulic suspension classic. Citroen also told him in which a great effort will be made to reduce noise along with vibration entering the cabin along with on the level of a completely new generation of ultra-comfortable seats.

A few days later, I was also in France to try out Mazda image completely new torque vectoring system of rotation . This specific was designed to make your vehicle turn more powerful inside the corner, yet to make driving through bends along with over harsh surfaces much less taxing experience.


Mazda engineers in which the drivers do not realize just how many times you have to make corrections leadership in such circumstances along with in which the corrections endless round trip will be surprisingly overwrought. Telemetry via today proved in which.

as well, such as Citroen, Mazda will be also working on a completely new design for the seat, which “significantly” the idea will be more comfortable along with will also be held much more firmly the driver. Mazda says in which being joggled can, among additional things, cause tension inside the muscles of the Great Neck, which will be trying to keep the (very heavy) human head straight along with level.

ever since the launch of Ford Mondeo in 1993-along with to a greater extent – along with Ford Focus in 1998, there was a general move towards improving the dynamic performance of your vehicle. the idea was all a huge favor crossings of sophisticated rear suspension systems, yet also ushered in an era of recession in which wiped year, slop along with overstuffed experienced when running earlier vehicles. If you have paid ever accompany Astra in 1990 or 1994, you’ll know what I mean.

was the additional big trend inside the last 20 years the influence of the premium, which may lead to a big boost to the Inside fit along with finish quality movement. However, I’m getting a strong sense in which we are on the cusp of a completely new trend. One in which re-interprets the idea of ​​”luxury” also looked expensive along with one in which will start moving away via the dynamic prowess of the most important features inside the vehicle.

someone very wise once said in which the real luxury was “removal of irritation. I think in which’s wonderful definition. If you’ve ever been in a first class hotel, along with the whole point of the experience to make the idea as seamless as possible. There will be nothing more too much trouble along with your every whim – almost – will meet

era of luxury personal along with “wellness” began to seep into the consciousness of the automotive industry a few years ago, especially when the Mercedes along with research depth to reinvent the S. Class

This specific kind of things in which de-emphasized the global financial elite, such as hot stone treatments along with aromatherapy have been included, inside your vehicle, through the odor control system inside the climate along with multiple heating along with massage seats. even the rear seat bench along with separated along the lines of the aircraft structure your vehicle, in an attempt to reduce noise along with vibration being transferred to passengers.

what has This specific to do with auto power? Well, first, does not develop the luxury of means Inside finishes expensive, powerful engines along with marking distinct. completely new luxury – removal of irritation – could apply to a relatively modest vehicles at relatively low cost

Hence, smart along with cost-effective completely new dampers Citroen along with Mazda use of software to make modest adjustments to deliver the torque of the engine. As a result, improve the stability of your vehicle. The two companies are also working on a much better seats, a very effective along with win in terms of cost to improve well-being.

Of course, Rover tried This specific back inside the 1990s. He remembers one of the claims made about the ride quality of the Rover 400 in 1995? Or hopeless tuned quietly than 75 structure? the idea was also difficult to comfort over long distances along with on, as the driver of 19989-3 Turbo, I can assure any car ever ran straighter along with faster in all weather conditions. The upper road to cover 500 miles a day.


all these cars inside the past the same game-changing Ford Focus rules, along with we know what happened inside the end to those brands two. As one former director of Rover said to me years later: “We went comfort when he went all sports”

Therefore, the idea will be a broader audience to buy a car actually willing to embrace the ease, comfort along with quiet on the sporting promise intention? Can. My Twitter timeline will be full of DS commercials featuring designs in partnership with the cosmetics company. Fiat 500 will be sold successfully inside the fashion appeal. Even the latest Statistics type will be sold as a more accurate along with more family orientated.

“Do not worry,” he told me Mazda engineer. “generating your vehicle easier to drive along with to emancipate the mind driver along with make driving more fun.” Kissing summit could become an increasingly minority pursuit. I may be convinced by the trade for ease along with serenity.

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Source: Why Citroën along with Mazda are putting an emphasis on comfortable cars

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