Where’d We Go: Stay in a Wigwam – Holbrook, AZ

Where’d We Go: Stay in a Wigwam – Holbrook, AZ



today I’m starting to blog more about my trip, as well as also I ‘m realizing in which I have to revisit some of the areas of interest as well as also talk about the idea as if the idea’s once you visit. An example would certainly be Holbrook, Arizona. I’ve had to Holbrooke repeatedly through the years – as well as also sometimes you’re just passing through, others stopped to check Tepe motel strange as well as also dinosaurs have

due to This specific trip, as well as also I always wanted to stay from the mentioned Tepe motel … the idea’s actually called Alougm Koch rounded shape Motel. Wigwam motel in Holbrook, who happens to be the town of Route 66 as well as also part of the whole nostalgic experience when traveling Route 66. I’ve done parts of Route 66 in Arizona – can be I will have to go back to the idea again at a later time to blog about the idea. due to This specific trip, I always wanted to stay in one of the Alougm round hut shape, after booking using a beautiful woman named Christie conducting, as well as also I grabbed Alougm Koch rounded shape of the last Friday night.


interesting facts about the wigwam, was created during the 30 as well as also 40, as well as also was part of a series in which are spread along the Route 66 cover Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, California, as well as also Arizona. yet today, there are only three left, one from the town of Cave, Kentucky, San Bernardino, as well as also Holbrook, Arizona. the idea was developed Alougm rounder shape in Arizona cottage in 50 of the Chester Lewis. the idea was closed later in 1974 after he put I-40 as well as also create exceeded. Was restored later as well as also reopened in 1988 by the children of Louis. “


like Friday typical from the office, I was slammed with work up to the eyeballs of my eyes. I needed to leave his post 5 : 00 to make the idea Holbrooke 9:00 before closing the motel office. Unfortunately I ended up getting a very late start of leave downtown Phoenix at around 18:30. the idea can be fortunate in which the movement has subsided completely by This specific time, was a breeze eastern valley where I would certainly hopped on Interstate 87 as well as also heading north. stop for fuel, as well as also fed up myself with some snacks for the drive two as well as also a half hours ahead. highway 87, also known as route direct line can be a unique way along with swooping the bends as well as also degrees of sharp decline. the idea was windy drive along the road to Payson as well as also left me annoyed instead in which need to be replaced from the 2016 Honda Pilot areas I had the test This specific week.


navigation the idea has been appointed with 185 miles to the Holbrooke – once the sun went down the idea was pedal to the medal as well as also set electronic control distance amendment – I kicked off my shoes as well as also settled from the air-conditioned seat for a long time

arrived in Holbrook before 22:00, eager to check of my wigwam. I had called ahead to let them know of the delay in access, said Christie the idea’s not a problem as well as also leaving the keys from the arrival of late fund for me. I’m not sure what I expected, yet my Taipei strange – more impressive in spite of as well as also keep the idea very well … not like super sketchy hotel 8. was smaller, as expected, Great for one person … maybe two if you do not bothered easily. The original furniture, rustic, as well as also was sharply bed.




The next morning, emerged into the Rock Rainbow shop – more famous for dinosaurs large roaming – has been closed place due to the early hours of the morning, so I snapped the pic as well as also I went on my way Merry



before leaving the city, I wanted to stop for breakfast – looked howl as well as also the only place in which has emerged with four stars as well as also decent reviews as well as also the idea was Joe as well as also Aggies cafe – breakfast held in Mexico. The waitress enchiladas with cheese 2 eggs can be their specialty, so I took her advice. Glad I did


since I was already doing a tour Route 66, I thought in which swing by Winslow – you know just like in which country. There can be a full subject of the town, which include in which song. I did some quick pics as well as also ordered a root beer float before hitting the road again.


Winslow was my last stop for the day, I still had to do a photo shoot on the pilot was ready to head home. One of these today will travel in all cities Route 66 in Arizona – there are still a couple on my list … yet we’ll see …

Where’d We Go: Stay in a Wigwam – Holbrook, AZ

Source: Where’d We Go: Stay in a Wigwam – Holbrook, AZ

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