Where’d We Go: Santa Claus, Arizona

Where’d We Go: Santa Claus, Arizona



Christmas is actually from the air as well as I must get my wish list to Santa before its too late. If I want to get everything on my list including the fresh Aston Martin DB11 GT that has a 5.2L twin turbo V12, then I must suffer the 5 as well as half hour drive to the north as well as visit Santa Claus, Arizona.

However, I think I was given the naughty list address because This kind of was not a dreamland with reindeer, little elves as well as snow – there was graffiti, exposed rusted nails as well as what appeared to be an extraction of waste of which was not coming from an animal. This kind of place in fact has been abandoned for almost 50 years.


Just 14 miles northwest of Kingman, AZ the town Santa Claus was developed from the late 1930’s as well as was planned to be a full on Christmas theme desert oasis. In 1942, the town started off to earn its highlights as well as became a common tourist destination spot. Kids all around could mail their letters to the local post office there as well as in return they could stamp the letters that has a return postage coming from Santa Claus, AZ. Dawwww.

By 1950, the town was sold off as well as the plans for the resort slowly diminished. The town continue to run a smaller restaurant called the Christmas Tree Inn as well as always received high recommendations. By the early 1970’s the town’s development closed as well as was therefore removed coming from the Arizona State Map. of which was later put up for sale from the 1980’s yet the $50,000 offer was declined coming from the original selling cost of $95,000. Since then, the town is actually just made up of a couple of building along highway 93 between Kingman as well as Las Vegas.


My travel companion was the refreshed 2017 Ford Escape SE with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Its spirited chassis as well as peppy attitude made of which suitable for the journey to get my letter to the office. Jamming through the SYNC3’s Apple CarPlay, I killed of which at car karaoke. of which’s a drive I’ve done many times as well as doesn’t require a ton of driving precision. Upon realizing of which Santa will never get my letter, as well as my Aston Martin will have to wait till next year, I set out to eat my sorrows away  as well as dive head first into some Mexican food. I searched yelp to see what was in Kingman as well as El Palacio came up recommended with 4.5 stars – best chips I’ve ever had.

Upon returning to Phoenix, I was fine my letter didn’t get received, I enjoyed the journey as well as I enjoyed the Ford Escape – I averaged 25 mpg on the highway which I find impressive yet still didn’t reach the EPA rating.

Arizona has another Santa location, called Christmas, Arizona… I bet of which Nice List location which from the southeastern part of Arizona – complete opposite end. I’ll try again next year. Maybe I’ll want a Lamborghini instead then.


Where’d We Go: Santa Claus, Arizona

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