Where’d We Go: Salton Sea, California – East Jesus, Mud Pots, Blythe (Part 2)

Where’d We Go: Salton Sea, California – East Jesus, Mud Pots, Blythe (Part 2)


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summer from the air, although in which spring has officially launched Sunday, March 20 ten. yet after looking at the measurement temperature of the vehicle of 91 degrees, from the summer is actually starting to show its ugly face, in addition to I’m certainly not ready for the item.

Let’s see, where did I leave off, Salvation Mountain … Slab City … John two, who suggested we go skinny dipping, in addition to This kind of is actually correct! the item was one of the tips in which we did not end up taking by one of John’s visit to the Middle Jesus. He did not say if we have a few hours to tour, yet the item was the time of the essence for us. However, we went ahead in addition to drove the couple extra miles on the path to discover off the beaten artist Dreamland full of statues in addition to different conceptual ideas put forward by the full of junk … literally, old scrap useless. Coffee maker, in addition to TV machines, tires, cans, jars, cars, you name the item, they did something with the item.


Middle Jesus


literally we’ve come to a fork from the road

before heading out of the the city we stopped for some lunch at This kind of place called the lead Daily in addition to dinner, which came one proposed by Tyson friends. We pointed to our waitress in which the burgers were handmade, so each of us to have one vote. We planned out our last stop, which was the subject of a random clay pots, which just happened to be six miles down the road – I just did not realize the item was all dirt, which unfortunately a car swap Jason resolutions for his 2004 Mazda 6 while got very ride within the limits of a smooth structure Malibu.


Lead Dinner


Pots in addition to mud until the item is actually completely the highlight of our day. They were from the form of miniature volcanoes with boiling mud in addition to appeared active. Tyson, go from the snapshot closer, she ended up stepping ankle deep in fresh mud. Clay pots can get close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, in addition to can be as tall as 1 or 2 meters. the item was all Tel different sizes in addition to volume of mud in which sometimes will pop in addition to Belo or in some cases spit out in some tiny holes



Pots in addition to mud

Thankfully, Tyson posted a video about the painful experience.

“Uh, guys, we have a problem!” at This kind of point in which’s something you do not want to ever here. Not to mention the isolated dirt road from the middle of the desert away by civilization. Our friend Jason locked his keys in his Mazda Fund. yells! In an attempt to call AAA, discovered represent a common finish. With Tyson in addition to Jason sitting from the back of Malibu, in an attempt to account interacting with AAA, I decided to use my car full of the press to their advantage in addition to contact OnStar to find out if he could be of any use. To my surprise the item was! Gentlemen spent a not bad 15 minutes the different line in an attempt to help us determine the locks site or some sort of roadside assistance. from the end, we ended up connected through the service on the road Mazda. After going through the last 15 minutes of questions in addition to describing where we like, the item had to wait for help than an hour away. Again Malibu using technology to our advantage, we are all connected devices have to OnStar Wi-Fi in addition to proceeded to catch up on e-mails in addition to text messages, in addition to Instagram. Fortunately, right before help arrives, a nice passer who came to look at the clay vessels gave us some water bottles so we will not die.


on the phone with Star


Pots in addition to mud last stop of the day before we decided to head back to Phoenix. This kind of is actually where the crossroads with us in addition to Jason Tyson in addition to headed north up Interstate 78 toward Blythe, CA in addition to Jason headed south toward I-8. The road moments of entertainment with some fast bends nice mountain in addition to parts in which have been developed on the chassis on the Malibu into overdrive. yet for the most part the item was boring engine in which makes no cell service, yet the item did not bother me. the item is actually connected through OnStar LTE Wi-Fi in addition to 4G, in addition to I’m still able to Pandora stream throughout the day.

before jumping back on I-10, we stopped at Blythe quick bite at dinner a little 70 in addition to called courtesy Cafe – the best cheese grille from the city. We both fuel by means of parting, I was a little anxious to get home … So I looked in my assessment mirror in addition to waved as I said


farewell Amigo in “tootles Tyson!” – Continued sunset from the rearview mirror

Where’d We Go: Salton Sea, California – East Jesus, Mud Pots, Blythe (Part 2)

Source: Where’d We Go: Salton Sea, California – East Jesus, Mud Pots, Blythe (Part 2)

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