Where’d We Go: Laughlin, NV – Baker & Rice, CA

Where’d We Go: Laughlin, NV – Baker & Rice, CA



seems lately, every time I am eager to move forward Adventure weekend, I still find myself time after 5 o ‘clock sitting in my office watching the minutes pass to ensure I can give up work in a reasonable stop. In This kind of case, I ran for an hour ahead of schedule to hit the road to start the journey about 800 miles south of the state of Nevada along with California.

mostly due to the auto I have on loan This kind of week, given the reason just for This kind of trip. Nissan Altima 2016. the idea’s nothing to fancy or special about This kind of Altima, is actually the base 2.5-liter engine. However, in April a claim mpg highway stunning 39 … of the full-size sedan This kind of sexy powerful impressive. along with so to see if This kind of is actually true, I set out a path for some sightseeing on the unique strange way to see not only if 39 miles is actually the one who can get the idea, nevertheless to see if I can keep them there.


trip computer reset to zero

because I got a beginning late for my trip, I was not able to avoid traffic heading to the outside when I left the city of Phoenix about 6:30 – perfect for my test fuel consumption. First stop was Laughlin, Nevada. Getting there is actually nothing special – the idea was pretty empty along with boring way, nevertheless the idea was a signal the whole way, so I turned on Netflix to help pass the time was. along with because night fell, along with get some pictures of the same as the idea did in Lincoln MKX or scion of IM I felt definitely irrelevant.


on the way to Laughlin

When approached Laughlin – the idea appeared like a mini Las Vegas via a distance. Casino lights triggered from the night sky, as I got closer, there was a certain smell seemed familiar … something which you find in my grandparents Mercury Grand Marquis. along with when This kind of was just a stop for the night, I checked into my hotel along with decided to walk around a little bit, along with snap some pictures along with mingle with some of the passengers bump.

so far, the idea kept the drive 150 miles to Laughlin me look Great on my average miles per gallon after being kept at a constant 40.1 on the trip computer … which is actually not easy along with I could add. I know which the idea could be difficult for the rest of the way … nevertheless I will continue.


miles from the current mpg in Laughlin


parked in Laughlin AT AQUARIAUS Casino

going into day 2 – the real reason for my some other – Baker, California. the idea is actually home to the biggest thermometer from the earth. Call me a dork, nevertheless I love This kind of stuff! Tourist attractions on the side of the road along with odd. Thermometer was built to honor all the hottest day recorded in history at 134 degrees from the heart of the valley of death. In 1991 the idea was built along with built to be 134 feet by honoring those epic blistering day. along with right now owned along with run by the family which built the idea, along with the idea makes for a unique stop history lesson curious travelers


worlds Thermometer – Baker, California

along with right now after which comes out of what I definitely wanted, the house is actually the hard part back. Back east … or go south through some deserted towns along with odd. I think you know how which went!


ZZYZX, California

after my stop in Baker, along with I read about This kind of city, Zzyzx. the idea was nearly 20 miles southwest of Baker along with looked like the idea could be worth a stop. The city was originally known as soda spring. However, a man by the name of Curtis Howe Springer decided to call the idea Zzyzx as the idea was the last word from the English language. There is actually not a lot for his country, nevertheless Lake natural spring along that has a few of the population. the idea’s worth a visit if you do not mind walking about half a mile when the idea 115 degrees. the idea’s literally an oasis from the middle of the desert.



via there south to the part of the historic Route 66. I like the old Route 66 along with my friend Tyson was anxious for me to visit the motel along with cafe sign Roy notorious for. nevertheless to get there along with the idea was the hardest part. Not because of the arrival of the way, nevertheless because the road there was a way boringest I’ve ever been on. Neither hot lines so for me to count to keep me distracted. nevertheless I shuffle through all the radio channels Sirius XM 230 – such as cable, no nothing was Great at. Once you’re there even though the idea was a pretty epic in person. If you’re an asshole like me anyway



Roy MOTEL signed CAFE – Amboy, California

since I was in Amboy, I thought I’d also take a look at the Black Guardian. I’m not sure why they’re there. nevertheless there are two of them, one male along with one female, along with about a quarter of a mile away via each some other. There was a guest book to sign, I signed me on Instagram along with went on my way happy birthday.

the idea’s a long way back home, so I continued to southeasterly. Originally my plan was to stay in Parker, Arizona. nevertheless with poor cell service was not able to pull up if there were no motels in This kind of area, so I changed the ways of Blythe, California. Doing so I came across a roadside discovery is actually very strange … fencing shoes. Thousands along with thousands of shoes in rice, CA – There was some foul odor. There was once a tree collected all these shoes … Im guessing which she was dead, along with therefore they built a fence. Another fun fact, the idea was featured from the film all 5-speed train to the scene at the beginning of the film. Go figure!


abandoned GAS STATION


[19459007too]! A lot! Shoe!

Upon arrival at Blythe, I have some bad news … the whole thing miles per gallon, yes, we are still on the idea … we lost four of them. As I said, hard work, along with let’s face the idea, the earth is actually not flat – there are mountains to climb along with accelerate -18 wheels we have to keep up. 36 mpg is actually my current readings, nevertheless let’s remember which there are still another 0 miles ahead of us to Phoenix … I still can save us here.


Fuel consumption in BLYTHE, California

Having stopped in Blythe at night, I was unable to visit one of my favorite restaurants here, courtesy cafe. Such a quaint little diner via 1963 along with they keep everything the original here. I could love to work here, they are always cheery So whenever I walk in along with they are never too busy for me.

Well … I’m in Phoenix along with unfortunately only got worse via there … I’ve lost 2 mpg off another medium left me that has a 34 mpg average for quite a combined 800 miles. A sad day, nevertheless in spite of the idea, the idea is actually still very impressive, along with made the trip on a very terrible way.


last stop in Phoenix, averaged 35.3 mpg over 750 miles

Where’d We Go: Laughlin, NV – Baker & Rice, CA

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