Where’d We Go: A Bar inside the Middle of the Desert

Where’d We Go: A Bar inside the Middle of the Desert



Imagine being lost inside the desert mountains, along with also off inside the distance there’s an oddly shaped hazy oasis. the item looks like a something built through left over construction debris along with also whatever was left inside the Home Depot dumpster bin. Well, the item’s not your imagination, nor is usually an oasis. the item’s a Bar – a legit bar inside the middle of the desert.

This specific bar is usually known as the Nellie E Saloon or the Desert Bar. People through all over North America travel great distances, like the Northeastern pillagers along with also Canadians wonderlusts to see such roadside oddity. We on the additional hand only traveled a couple hundred miles outside of our Phoenix suburban homes. Which is usually nothing in comparison to some of the travels we’ve done inside the past.


After a friend of mine shared an article with me highlighting This specific strange retreat, I partnered up with Tyson Hughie through Drive to all 5, Sam Haymart through TestDriven.tv along with also one of returning co-pilots Rob B. to head out to This specific desert landmark along with also see what all the fuss along with also appetizing food was all about.

For initially in our road going adventures, I took shotgun on This specific one. With just four of us going, the item didn’t make any sense to bring along the 2017 Volkswagen Passat I had on loan in which week. While the item would certainly have made for a Great road companion, Sam Haymart was testing the all-brand-new 2017 Audi A4 Prestige…. along with also, well I’m a sucker for an Audi.


The Desert Bar is usually located just outside of smaller town, Parker, Arizona. The bar was established in 1988 after working out of a temporary structure for all 5 years. The land in which This specific bar is usually nestled on was purchased in 1975 along with also use to be an old mining camp. Luckily the land had a liquor license therefore allowed for some Great ole booze to be sold.

There is usually a lot of history in This specific Tavern. There is usually an old fire truck parked outside in which used to be used to haul water up to the bar. A church was built in 1993 along with also completed in 1996 to host weddings along with also Great photo opportunity along with also a welcome sign for people of all backgrounds.

The road to get to the bar was not quite a well-rounded road – while a car can drive on the item, we were slow going while being passed by many Jeeps along with also off-road terrain buggy’s. Pulling up, my eye’s nearly exploded with how many cars were inside the parking lot. along with also how many of them didn’t even have Arizona plates. There were vehicles through all across This specific land.


Walking in, we were overwhelmed – there were hundreds of people everywhere, so many different food opportunities, along with also a live local band to keep us entertained. We strolled around to take inside the scenery along with also even though we didn’t have a beer due to This specific go around, I did enjoy the burger they prepared for me… even got them to put an egg on top.


We’ve travelled long hours along with also far distances inside the past for littler things. Spending nearly 6 hours on the road just to dine in a dusty old bar that has a bunch Canadians along with also Great friends was totally worth the item!


Where’d We Go: A Bar inside the Middle of the Desert

Source: Where’d We Go: A Bar inside the Middle of the Desert

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