Where Should You Place Your Sat Nav?

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reckless positioning of navigation devices sat on the windshield is usually a major threat to road safety, says the Organization of the collapse of the GEM driving assistance. Screen devices big day stationed inside the center of the windshield of a car means fatal decline inside the driver’s vision, especially on the left turns hand in addition to at intersections, GEM warns

comments Chairman of the Executive GEM, David Williams MBE: “ navigation devices Saturday great ease a lot of tension cars. yet if inside the process you opacity to a wide swath of the field of view, then you are taking a big risk.

“typical large screen sat NAV measuring nearly seven device inches (17CM) wide by four inches before (10.48cm high) has the potential to cause significant restrictions on the field in addition to the point of view of the driver, especially if the item is usually mounted inside the center of the windscreen below a large rear-view mirror. “

“little screen device may seem to be only minor obstruction by inside the automobile. However, the item has the ability to hide a much larger area outside the automobile, depending on where you sit, in addition to the distance you are by the item. P skin of the right to move sat inside the center of the windscreen in addition to prevent more than your opinion nearside, in addition to will mean you miss all the risks in which there may be. This kind of is usually dangerous, especially on the left hand turns, at intersections in addition to crossings, in addition to at any sites in which may be involved inside the road space with cyclists in addition to pedestrians . “

GEM has some simple tips collected to ensure your view of the road is usually not obstructed by sat nav bad situation:

  • Make sure your navigation mode sat so as not to affect your view of the road in addition to your ability to drive safely
  • in addition to safest for sat nav low down on your windshield, in addition to to the far right, to reduce the disability field of view.
  • if This kind of is usually not possible, the item may be acceptable inside the center of the windscreen, yet must be low in addition to put the item up to the bottom as possible.
  • Make sure you choose the right seat height in addition to position to suit your individual shape in addition to size before positioning your navigation sat down.
  • avoid installing navigation sat down to the site, which could cause injury to the driver or passengers in a plane crash. This kind of includes the potential areas hit head on the windscreen of the automobile, or in some other places where the airbag deployment may contact them.
  • never fit high sat navigation on the windscreen. As well as imposing tight restrictions on the vision, This kind of can interfere with vision in addition to sun visors rear mirror, you will need to power cords to trail through the driver’s vision field.

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Source: Where Should You Place Your Sat Nav?

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