What's the best car to learn to drive in?

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Austin Metro Autocar team shared the first flirtations with cars, whether from the context of formal instruction along with less formal exotic-based car


all the latest along with greatest cars along with super or otherwise, pass through Autocar, nevertheless at the beginning of each employee car story is actually (usually) a modest hatchback, which they have learned to drive.

Matt Burt, Editor – Vauxhall Chevette 1.3

car I learned leadership belongs to my driving instructor, was entry- hatch level, for unknown degree I can not quite picture of life or product. the auto I honed my skills in, however, I remember of which clearly. The red Vauxhall Chevette 1.3 E saloon £ 400. Raw, aged 17 years, of which seems of which the performance will be very not bad for the family car, along with I was sometimes surprised at how quickly of which can be obtained by the university in Bournemouth to my family home in Cornwall. In 1993, the product was not the most modern from the globe, nevertheless I was very fond of of which

John Bradshaw, chairman of the photographer – Metro Austin

I learned to drive from the Austin Metro, the My father described as “champagne,” nevertheless I think of which was just beige. I took a test from the MG Metro, which is actually a step, nevertheless of which was my car Metro. I crashed shortly after passing the test, after night. Rounding a corner, along with my friend pulled the handbrake, along with the auto fell into the hole. of which he survived, though.

Jamie Beckwith: Ford Fiesta / Peugeot 207

I learned to drive in a standard gasoline swamp-powered Ford feast, with relatively poor form from the courtesy car Peugeot 207 when Fiesta took a huge success with the learner else behind the wheel. The feast is actually not the most interesting or unusual, nevertheless of which did the job. Retained by storm force winds tearing nerves along with heavy rain, come test day as well.

Mark Pearson, senior digital Review Editor: Lancia Beta


my father Lancia Beta twin engine cam along that has a lot of the sea, nevertheless he was also a heavy low ludicrously directing -geared, along with the position leadership favored by long arms along with short legs. that has a seat right back along with reclined enough to avoid a vertical surface cleaning, along with I could barely reach the bottom of the steering wheel, not to mention the highest

Darren Moss, editor of content: Ford Fiesta Ghia

car I’ve learned in leadership was also the first car you own – on a 32,000-mile Mk.4 Ford Fiesta. The 1.25 liter engine is actually not the last word in refinement, economy, speed, torque, or even the noise, nevertheless I still adored This kind of car. Ghia spec bought some luxuries too, including the impact of wood along with fake on the dashboard

Sam Sheehan, senior staff writer: Ford Focus / Ford Escort


mine diesel fuel (Ford Focus) MK2 – of which was nice to some extent even blurry memories. My memories of driving MK4 accompaniment at the age of 15 are more pronounced. of which took him around the block on private land surrounding the garage along with my father, along with of which smelt of unburned fuel, along with had a loud, exhaust blowing. I felt such a strange man in spite of

Previous died, Prime videos, along with features: Statistics 1000 / Volvo 360

I learned of which partly paid from the 1976 Mini 1000, along with partly from the 1984 Volvo 360 saloon. Taught in all of my old man, passing from the second attempt. My front teeth, however, probably could have preferred if of which was Volvo, along with not simple, I drove into a tree after a month

Rachel Burgess, News Editor: Vauxhall Corsa

What could be nevertheless the Corsa? Sold en masse at discounted rates for schools across the country to learn, along with accompanied me learner Corsa by an eccentric teacher who spent his time generating rollies, along with giving me a “break” so he could smoke them. While I am, of course, an excellent driver, my claim to fame from the Corsa was passing a test that has a big mistake. Suffice of which to say, not Corsa did not leave a big mark on me

John Howell, References: Humber Sceptre

taught myself to drive at 14 in my farm of his uncle in Wales 1974 Humber Sceptre. I fixed of which along with use of which to blow up around the farm, often building improvised circuit of hay bales to exercise control my car. of which’s still from the barn where I left of which. of which’s done about 33,000 miles since brand new, nevertheless nothing more difficult than a few hundred along with put of which through along with then return

Alan Taylor Jones, References: Citroen GSA / Vauxhall Corsa

like many of you, I can not wait to get behind the wheel along with quickly turned 17. while you’re getting lessons in a dreary first-generation diesel Corsa, I already bought my first car in anticipation of my pass in eventually, the Citroen GSA Palace SE. Given the choice between the supermini burning oil along with sofa Plush brown on wheels, along with I’m always looking forward to the Parental Guidance in my car on the lessons learned by the professional

Doug REVOLTA, Editorial Assistant: Renault Megane

I love my X- Reg Megan. Costing 0,000 mi 1.6-liter monster wealth to ensure, nevertheless he got me my license along with came with me to UNI for a few years. Unfortunately, when I left the United Kingdom for several months, along with exiled to the front disc along with father, there is actually a leak from the passenger’s feet turned inward to moldy nature reserve, so I had to put of which out of its misery.

Which car do you learn to drive in? Do you have any memories of learning to drive of which you want to share? What do you think the best car to learn to drive in to be? Get in touch from the comments below, or write to autocar@haymarket.com . If you were granted your reply message than a week, you’ll win ValetPro group worth £ 58.95

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Source: What's the best car to learn to drive in?

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