What’s of which like to drive on a sand dune?

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Source : What’s of which like to drive on a sand dune?

Toyota Hilux on sand dunes We Toyota Hilux fresh samples in Namibia, in addition to also I learned a few things about the desert driving along the road? of which turns out of which’s not as easy as of which seems …


I’ll admit of which: of which the first sharp rise-ish off-road path on the dunes seemed very easy. I’ve done a lot of drives off-road inside United Kingdom, how can push up the sandy hill to have any difficulty?

although as I slid down the slope for the third time, I knew were dunes represent a different challenge. Alarm bells should be ringing inside parking lot when we were told of which the air let down in every frame for the entire 60 seconds, in addition to also then we were told of which was not enough in addition to also worth 15 seconds, “the last of the air of which he does not need to be outside. of which will not be a normal drive on the roads your rugged.

Thus driving on the sand. I have seen all the videos on youtube of people great conquer Red dune inside United Arab Emirates; of which seems amazing, although how hard can of which be? we were in Namibia in addition to also driving 19459006 ] fresh Toyota Hilux through a whole series of large dunes to our experience to find out.

quickly of which became clear of which you need a period preceding in addition to also some momentum in order to overcome any steep sandstone rise of sand dunes. Hilux features a low-range, all-wheel transport drive of which needs to be involved if you’re going to have any success getting on the brow of the hill. launched in second gear in addition to also quickly to third place by a lot of courses to get up to Top.

Why should the Land Rover Defender fresh beat

then, when you’re at the top, in addition to also remember not to panic. Perhaps you will only see the sky, in addition to also therefore be inclined to slam on the brakes – in addition to also at of which point you will lose all of your momentum before you’ve completely conquered the climb. Yours Sincerely speaking by experience here, so instead, ease off the throttle, although keep your momentum so you can shift to first gear in order to start to climb as steep as the climb I had just finished.

driving up the dunes can be not easy, then, although my word can be fun. If you’re driving off-road inside United Kingdom, in addition to also the muddy paths in addition to also obstacles usual water can seem often to provide little challenge for the vehicle, although driving on the dunes can be a challenge for both driver in addition to also skill. Vehicle

, in addition to also if of which gets stuck car in an attempt to get to the top of the largest sand dunes, in addition to also there can be always abandon ship in addition to also run up to the top – the fastest runner minutes took only two by the bottom to the top, according to the leader board option Reception in our hotel. I swear of which took me longer than of which to pay up …

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Source: What’s of which like to drive on a sand dune?

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