What's coming when – the fresh cars arriving in 2015 as well as also 2016

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Source : What's coming when – the fresh cars arriving in 2015 as well as also 2016

What’s coming when - your guide to the fresh cars arriving in 2015 as well as also 2016


Welcome to Autocar’s fresh car calendar – your guide to what’s coming when in 2015 as well as also 2016

Autocar’s fresh cars calendar gives you all the information on 2015 as well as also 2016’s fresh arrivals, as we round up all the fresh designs going on sale inside UK

With designs including the fresh Alfa Romeo Giulia, the Bentley Grand Convertible as well as also the all-fresh Vauxhall Astra launching inside next two years, plus myriad launches through the likes of BMW, Audi as well as also Mercedes-Benz, there’s truly something for everyone to be excited about.

Our fresh cars calendar is usually your one-stop shop for keeping track of 2015 as well as also 2016’s fresh cars, so keep checking back to This kind of page as we’ll be updating This kind of regularly with fresh car unveilings. 

Here’s Autocar’s round-up of the fresh cars coming in 2015 as well as also 2016.

Alfa Romeo

Giulia – September 2016

Alfa’s BMW 3-series fighter ushers in a fresh era for famous Italian firm with fresh platform, engines, styling as well as also tech. 

Mito facelift – 2016

Facelifted Mito to challenge Audi A1.

SUV – 2017

Twinned with upcoming Fiat as well as also Jeep medium-sized SUVs.


B7 – spring 2016

fresh B7 will get retuned 4.4-litre V8 producing around 600hp.

Aston Martin

DB11 – summer 2016

Aston’s DB9 replacement will get a twin-turbocharged AMG engine as well as also possibly a fresh name.


A4 Allroad – 2016

More rugged variation of fresh A4 Avant.

A5 – 2017

Next generation coupe will use the MLB platform as well as also get more aggressive styling.

A6 – 2017

A more stylish look is usually promised for Audi’s next BMW 5-series competitor, designed under Marc Lichte.

A7 – 2017

Second-generation A7 has been spotted testing as well as also is usually due to arrive in 2017

R8 – late 2015

Second-generation supercar goes on sale with prices starting through £119,500.

R8 Spyder – spring 2016

Drop-top variation arrives early in 2016.

RS4 Avant – summer 2016

Performance variation of the fresh A4 will get a turbocharged V6 engine.

Q2 – spring 2016

Premium rival to Nissan Juke.

Q5 – late 2015

Second-generation SUV is usually closely related to the fresh Audi A4.

TT RS – 2016

Hardcore coupé could get fresh aluminium-block all 5-cylinder engine producing up to 400bhp.


Continental GT – 2017

fresh design will share its underpinnings with the next Porsche Panamera.

Grand Convertible – Late 2015

Azure returns in all however name as a convertible variation of the Mulsanne, seen in concept form at the LA motor show 2014.

Bentayga – Early 2016

Expect to see Crewe’s first SUV before the year is usually out, ahead of 2016 sales. Styling said to be totally overhauled compared with previous concept variation.

Sports car – 2016

Expect Bentley’s extreme rear-drive sports car to be more hardcore than 2014’s GT3-R, as well as also cost around £300,000.

Mulsanne facelift – 2017

Facelifted Mulsanne has been spotted in both standard as well as also long-wheelbase variants.


X2 – late 2016

Sporty, coupé-like BMW X2 is usually set to share the X1’s underpinnings.

X3 – 2017

Next BMW X3 has already been spotted testing.

5 Series – 2017

Mercedes-Benz E-Class competitor will get plug-in hybrid powertrains as well as also styling inspired by the larger 7 Series. The 5 Series Touring has also been spotted.

M2 – April 2016

BMW’s junior M car is usually a 365bhp rear-wheel-drive coupe.

M4 GTS – spring 2016

Powered-up as well as also pared-down variant of the M4.

PHEVs – 2016

fresh hybrid variants of the 2 Series, 3 Series as well as also 7 Series.


Project Pinnacle – Summer 2015

Bristol returns with an all-fresh design, as well as also fresh London showroom in 2015. A hit-tech hybrid is usually also inside works. 


BX7 – Autumn 2016

Reborn some sort of will be launching a fresh premium SUV.


Chiron – 2017

fresh Veyron replacement to feature a hybrid powertrain; required to hit 286mph as well as also generate 1479bhp


CT6 – Early 2016

Mercedes-Benz S-Class rival gets three petrol engines at launch, including a twin-turbocharged V6 with 400bhp.


Camaro – 2016

Sixth-generation car to take on the Ford Mustang in Europe.

Detroit Electric

SP:01 – 2015

Start-up firm claims its 155mph two-seater will be the earth’s fastest electric sports car.


RP1 – 2016

Britain’s newest sports car maker has created a a lightweight, mid-engined roadster with 500bhp per tonne.


488 Spider – spring 2016

Ferrari’s most powerful mid-engined drop-top

Dino – 2018

Dramatic return for Dino name as Ferrari plans a fresh £150,000 mid-engined sports car.

F12tdf – summer 2016

Big weight reduction as well as also power boost to 770bhp for hardcore variation of Ferrari’s V12 super-coupé.


Tipo – Early 2016

Fiat has resurrected the Tipo name for its Focus-rival.

124 – Early 2016

Compact Mazda MX-5-based roadster was an Alfa, is usually currently a Fiat.


Mustang – autumn 2015

Ford’s muscle car is usually to be sold officially inside UK in right-hand-drive form for once.

Fiesta – 2017

Next-generation Fiesta has been spotted testing.

Focus RS – spring 2016

Third-generation RS will produce more than 316bhp as well as also gets all-wheel drive for once.

Ka – Late 2015

A rethink for the Ka city car should see This kind of repositioned as a budget global offering.

Edge – spring 2016

The Edge SUV arrives inside UK as well as also Europe for once as part of the One Ford policy.

EcoSport refresh – 2016

Ford has tweaked the EcoSport to make This kind of more Euro-friendly.

GT – 2016

The all-fresh Ford GT supercar arrives in 2016, powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine developing over 600bhp.


Civic – 2017

To be based on a fresh platform as well as also take styling inspiration through fresh York concept car.

FCV – 2017

Honda has confirmed a production-ready variation of its Fuel Cell Vehicle.

NSX – spring 2016

NSX sports car offers around 550bhp through its hybrid powertrain, which incorporates a V6 engine as well as also three electric motors.


ix20 – Late 2015

We expect the facelifted compact MPV to be at the Frankfurt motor show.

i20 Active – spring 2016

Beefed-up variation of the i20 supermini.

i30 – 2017

Third-generation i30 has been spotted testing. This kind of’ll be here in 2017.

i30 N

i30 hot hatch will be used to kick-start Hyundai’s fresh N performance division.

Prius-rival – 2016

Hyundai is usually preparing its own dedicated hybrid design.

Genesis – 2016

Range-topping G90 saloon will go on sale in Korea in 2016.


Q30 – January 2016

Infiniti hopes to step up through a niche player with its Mercedes A-class-based as well as also British-built Q30 hatchback.

QX30 – 2016

QX30 will join the Q30 hatchback in a growing compact SUV line-up through Infiniti.


F-Pace – spring 2016

Jaguar’s first ever SUV will take styling cues through the C-X17 concept, as well as also will be powered by the Ingenium engine range.

Electric SUV – 2017

Dramatically styled battery-powered 4×4 is usually poised to go on sale in 2017, priced at around £60,000.


Flying Huntsman – Spring 2015

Land Rover Defender-based sports SUV comes with 6.2-litre V8 engine as well as also up to 450bhp.

Vengeance coupe – late 2015

Aston Marting DB9-based coupe


Sportage – February 2016

Kia will be hoping for another design hit with its second-gen Sportage SUV.

Optima – Late summer 2015

Kia will maintain its presence inside shrinking Mondeo-Passat segment with an all-fresh Optima, which will be offered as a hybrid. 

Kia Cee’d – 2017

fresh variation of Kia’s family hatchback will get a fresh 1.0-litre engine, which has a hot GT-badged variation to follow.


Agera RS – Late 2015

Hardcore Agera RS supercar gets 1144bhp as well as also just 25 examples will be made.

Regera – Late 2015

The first hybrid created by Koenigsegg is usually powered by the combination of a V8 engine as well as also three electric motors.


Aventador SV – 2015

Range-topping Aventador SV comes with 740bhp through its V12 engine

Aventador SV roadster – spring 2016

Range-topping 740bhp Aventador SV coupé will be joined by open-topped roadster.

Urus – 2018

Lamborghini’s SUV is usually required to share its underpinnings with the Bentley Bentayga

Land Rover

Evoque convertible – 2016

The Evoque Convertible will arrive in 2016. 

Discovery 5 – 2017

High-tech large SUV to take on the fresh Volvo XC90.


GS F – Late 2015

Lexus’ BMW M5 fighter offers up 467bhp through its 5.0-litre V8 engine.

RX – Late 2015

Fourth-generation Lexus SUV gets fresh styling as well as also uprated engines.

LF-LC coupe – 2016

Sports coupe to replace LFA.


3-Eleven – February 2016

fresh Lotus 3-Eleven will have more than 500bhp per tonne as well as also cost through £82k.


Levante – Early 2016

We’ll see the final variation of Maserati’s fresh luxury SUV before the year is usually out.


E-Class – 2016

The next-generation E-class will take styling cues through the C-class, GLA as well as also S-class coupé, with latest test mules showcasing a fresh large infotainment screen inside the cabin.

CLA facelift – mid 2016

CLA gets a mild facelift to bring This kind of in line with the rest of the facelifted A-Class range.

C-Class Coupe – 2016

The fresh C-Class Coupe will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 – Summer 2015

The Maybach badge returns in a bigger, more luxurious variation of the S-class.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman – Early 2016

Six-seat variation of the S600 should offer even more luxury, as well as also is usually aimed at the booming Chinese market.

S-Class Cabriolet – spring 2016

Drop-top S-class gets a folding fabric roof, as well as also will battle close to the territory of the Bentley Continental GTC.

GLC – autumn 2015

The C-class-based SUV formerly known as the GLK arrives inside UK for once.

GLS – 2016

Facelifted GL gets fresh engine line-up.

G500 4×4 – 2015

A successor to the monstrous G63 AMG 6×6, the G500 4×4 could come with as much as 537bhp.

SLC – 2016

The facelifted Mercedes-Benz SLK will morph into the fresh SLC as part of Merc’s rebranded range.

SL facelift – 2016

Updated SL to go on sale at the end of 2016.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 – 2016

Hardcore track-focused variation of Mercedes-AMG’s GT sports car will be based on the Geneva concept of the same name.


Clubman – late 2015

The Clubman will be reborn as a bigger, more spacious estate car with four proper passenger doors.

Convertible – March 2016

Bigger as well as also better equipped than the outgoing car.

Countryman – 2016

All-fresh Countryman will come to market with updated styling as well as also larger dimensions.

Superleggera – 2019

Mini’s direct rival to the Mazda MX-5.


Outlander facelift – 2016

Mitsubishi hasn’t said when the facelifted Outlander will come to the UK, however the upgraded car was shown in fresh York.


GS – summer 2016

MG’s first production SUV gets a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine as well as also CS concept-inspired looks.


ASX – 2016

Qashqai-rival could spawn an Evo variation.

Shogun – 2017

All-fresh off-roader will stick to its 4×4 roots.


Murano – Late 2015

Big SUV returns to the UK which has a plusher cabin as well as also more premium positioning.

Pulsar Nismo – Late 2015

Paris motor show 2014 concept car is usually tipped to make production with 1.6 turbo petrol power.

Mircra – 2016

Replacement will aim to improve perceived quality.

Juke – late 2016

Nissan’s next Juke will focus on improving its technology as well as also perceived quality.


Huayra R – 2016

A faster, more focused variation of the Huayra.


911 facelift – Late 2015

Frankfurt show reveal mooted for revised 991-generation 911, which will switch to turbo power.

911 R – 2017

Back-to-basics 911 is usually inside pipeline.

Boxster facelift – spring 2016

Four-cylinder boxer engines will be offered inside revised Boxster, the fresh estimated 400bhp units also destined for the Cayman.

Panamera – spring 2016

Porsche is usually planning big alterations for the second-generation of the saloon.

Pajun – 2017

Porsche is usually planning an all-electric executive saloon.


Alpine – Summer 2016

Rear-drive, two-seat coupe will revive the sporting Alpine brand.

Large SUV – 2017

Renault’s X-trail rival will arrive in 2017.

Megane – summer 2016

More mature look as well as also higher-quality Indoor for Renault’s crucial next-gen hatch.

Scenic – late 2016

Next-gen MPV to get big overhaul.


Dawn convertible – spring 2016

The Ghost-based Wraith coupé will spawn a convertible variation.

SUV – 2017

Rolls-Royce has confirmed that will This kind of’s working on an SUV design, codenamed Cullinan.


Leon facelift – late 2016

Facelifted hatchback which will then be replaced by the all-fresh car in 2018.

Leon SUV – 2016

A Leon-based SUV should significantly improve Seat’s sales volumes.


Roomster – 2016

Skoda’s fresh MPV will be based on the passenger variation of the Volkswagen Caddy.

SUV – 2016

Skoda’s fresh large SUV, due in in 2016, will be closely related to the Volkswagen CrossBlue.


Impreza – 2016

fresh Impreza is usually the first of a fresh-generation of Subarus that will will adopt a fresh standardised platform.


Baleno – summer 2016

Mild hybrid power as well as also 1.0-litre turbo petrol for fresh Suzuki supermini

Ignis – 2017

Compact crossover is usually a production variation of iM-4 concept car.


design X – Autumn 2015

The design X is usually a seven-seat SUV based on the four-wheel-drive design S electric saloon. 

design 3 – 2017

Tesla will enter the executive class with its £30,000 all-electric saloon.

Roadster – 2019

Second-generation Roadster is usually expected in 2019.


R – 2016

Although This kind of’s road legal, the Tramontana is usually pitched as a track-focussed special.


Nemesis – January 2016

the earth’s first 2000bhp supercar is usually lightly pencilled in for production in 2016. 


Prius – early 2016

Fourth-gen Prius will usher in a fresh modular platform for Toyota. 

RAV4 facelift – December

Fourth-generation SUV’s updates include the addition of a fresh hybrid design.

C-HR – spring 2016

Juke-rival required to be revealed at 2016 Geneva motor show.


Revitalised TVR will bring four fresh sports cars to the market through 2017. 


Astra Sports Tourer – 2016

Estate variation of Vauxhall’s fresh hatch arrives early in 2016.

Insignia – late 2016

Larger as well as also more spacious than outgoing car.

Meriva – 2017

Replacement gets conventional doors in bid to turn the Meriva into a crossover.


S90 – spring 2016

Range-topping Volvo will take styling inspiration through the 2011 Volvo Concept Universe concept. V90 estate variation will also appear.


Golf – Late 2016

Next-generation Golf to get fresh mild hybrid powertrains.

Tiguan – 2016

Second-generation Tiguan will be offered with all 5 or seven seats.

Touran – November 2015

Third-generation MPV is usually set to be available in all 5- as well as also seven-seat forms.

Transporter – late 2015

fresh T6 Transporter will be on sale before the end of the year.

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