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brand new cars 2016 cars Autocar brand new calendar, in addition to also gives you all the information about the 2016 newcomers, in addition to also we are under siege all-brand new designs going on sale in United Kingdom


we have a brand new car calendar store can be a one-stop to keep track of brand new cars in 2016, so keep checking back to This kind of page in addition to also we will be regularly updated with brand new car unveilings.

The following Autocar in a follow-up round of the upcoming brand new cars in 2016.


124 Spider – September 2016

hot edition of the Fiat 124 will feature a 170bhp limited differential slip

500 – spring 2016

by power in addition to also design tweaked hot edition of the Fiat 500’s .

Alfa Romeo

Julia – September 2016

bodes BMW 3 fighter series alfa in a brand new era for the famous Italian company using a brand new platform, engine in addition to also design in addition to also technology.

Julieta – late 2016

facelifted Giulietta gets to amend the design light can be expected before the end of This kind of year

Mito Beauty – 2016

facelifted Mito to challenge the Audi A1

Stelvio –2,017

twinning with the SUV medium next size deaths in addition to also pocket


B7 – spring 2016


B7 brand new 4.4-liter V8 produces about. 600hp

Aston Martin

DB11 – in late 2016

Replace DB9 Aston sitting on the brand new structure, the brand new packs 600bhp twin-turbo V12, covers 0-62mph in 3.9sec, hitting 200mph in addition to also cost £ 154900

credited GT8 – summer 2016

can be based on a lightweight, which focuses on the brand new sports car race on the V8 Vantage


city car –2,019

of which’s a bit far away, although Audi can be working on a successor to A2

Audi A3 Beauty – late 2016

to amend the tiny design can be scheduled for the hatchback Audi common

A4 so Allroad – summer 2016

edition more rugged than the brand new A4 Avant

A5 – will 2017

next generation Coupe use MLB platform in addition to also get more aggressive design. The brand new A5 Sportback can be also on its way

A6 – 2017

promised to look more stylish Next BMW 5 Series Audi. Competitor, design under Marc Lichte

A7 – 2017

has been spotted second-generation A7 test, can be scheduled to arrive in 2017

R8 Spyder – spring 2016

drop top edition up from the early part of 2016.

RS4 Avant – summer 2016

copy performance of the brand new A4 will get the turbo V6 engine

Q2 – November 2016

intersection searching the rugged can be smaller than the A3 Sportback in addition to also weighs just 1205kg. of which comes using a choice of six driving in addition to also optional power Quattro four-wheel drive

Q5 – in late 2016

second-generation SUV closely linked to the brand new Audi A4 associated with 19,459,005 ]

Q6 – 2018

cars in addition to also brand new SUVs use three electric motors fast shipping, in addition to also a battery with high capacity

S4 Avant – spring 2016

2016 Audi S4 Avant has 349bhp in addition to also 0-62mph time of 4.9sec

SQ7 – in late 2016

hello technology SQ7 SUV brand new engine displays, chassis in addition to also electrical technology

TT RS – 2016

hardcore coupe can get a brand new aluminum 5-cylinder engine block produce up to 400bhp


Continental GT – 2018

brand new design will share the grounds with Porsche’s next Panamera

sports car –2,016

predicted the extreme rear-wheel drive sports car Bentley to be more militant than 2014’s GT3-R, in addition to also cost around 300,000 £

Beauty Mulsanne – summer 2016

has been extended

Bentley Mulsanne line up to four designs. These include the standard versions Mulsanne in addition to also Mulsanne Speed, in addition to the two designs Mulsanne brand new extended wheelbase, one with increased rear leg room in addition to also the additional offers six seats from the four follow-up, the back seat in addition to also the updated face-to-face configuration.


X1 LWB – late 2016

long wheelbase X1 can be previewed seven copies seats by smaller crossover BMW

X2 – in late 2016

athlete, can be set like a coupe BMW X2 to participate foundations in addition to also X1 in

X3 – 2017

test have already been spotted following BMW X3

X5 – 2018

2018 BMW X5 will share founded with 7 series in addition to also present a plug-in hybrid in addition to also performance variables

X7 – 2018


BMW will be selling X7 from the United Kingdom, as a competitor for large luxury like Mercedes in addition to also Land Rover

3 GT – summer 2016

facelifted 3 hatchback series gets tweaked design in addition to also improve fuel economy

(3) series –2,018


generation of the Group of 20 of the saloon midsize BMW had seen

5 series –2,017

Mercedes-Benz – E competitor will get a plug-in hybrid engines in addition to also design inspired by the seven largest chain. in addition to also 5 series tour , 5 GT in addition to also M5 has also been spotted

M4 GTS – Spring 2016

powered up in addition to also pared-down variant of the M4

Z5 – in late 2016

brand new sports car can be being co-developed with Toyota


BX7 – autumn 2016

factory reborn will be launched SUV brand new premium


Chiron –2,017

Show-stopping brand new Bugatti Chiron 1479bhp packages, can reach up to 261mph in addition to also costing approximately £ 2000000



Corvette Grand Sport – September 2016

medium hot Corvette variant can be characterized by naturally aspirated V8. Engine


C3 Picasso – in late 2016


Little can be known about the second generation C3 Picasso, although spy shots reveal a rounded design, much like the C4 cactus, with the headlights after a similar design to the split units, which feature on the C4 Picasso.

C3 – Summer 2016

Citroen C3 to take the C4 Cactus cues design in addition to also focus on focus on internal, comfort in addition to also technology space


RP1 – 2016

created the latest industry British sports car lightweight aa, mid-engine roadster with 500bhp per tonne


Dino –2 018

Back to the name of the play as Dino Ferrari can be planning a sports car mid-brand new engines £ 150,000

F12tdf – summer 2016

a significant weight reduction in addition to also power boost 770 bhp for the show militants by ultra-V12 coupe Ferrari

GTC4Lusso – at a time late 2016

in addition to also FF facelifted right now takes GTC4Lusso name in addition to also gets a subtle design upgrades to celebrate than its predecessor.


Thibault – late 2016

has sent Fiat name Thibault for in focus rival

Panda Beauty [19,459,003 – 2017

in addition to also Fiat Panda will get a facelift for 2017, with the media, design in addition to also drive brand new upgrades

124 [19,459,003 – fall 2016

agreement Mazda MX-5 Roadster was based Alfa, right now can be Fiat. He arrives from the autumn


holiday –2,017

the next generation of the feast has been spotted testing

Fiesta ST200 – summer 2016

copy even hotter than the Ford Fiesta ST gets 197bhp, in addition to also will serve as a swansong for the current generation. Fiesta

Ca + – September 2016

a brand new design Ka + targeted low prices to expand the market for tiny cars point, with prices starting at about of 8000 £

Koga Beauty – October 2016

facelifted medium-sized Kuga SUV gets the latest edition of the information in addition to also entertainment Ford Sync in addition to also 1.5 liter system, brand new diesel engine

electric focus – in late 2016

will get the capital function fast charging to provide 100 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging

edge – spring 2016

edge SUV arrives from the UK in addition to also Europe for the very first time as part of one particular approach Ford

GT – 2016

in addition to also the arrival of the Ford GT super all-brand new in 2016, powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine develops 600bhp on.


Civic –2,017

will be the next Honda Civic hatchback can be closely linked coupe 10TH in addition to also saloon generation, which was launched in additional markets. of which will have a range of diesel engines in addition to also will be one of the largest car in its class

FCV – 2017

Honda confirmed the production-ready edition of. In a fuel cell vehicle

S2000 – 2018

sports car S2000 will return as a competitor for the Mazda MX-5


I30 – 2017

has been spotted

I30 the third generation of the test. of which’ll be here in 2017.

I30 N

i30 will be used to start the hot slot performance division of N brand new Hyundai.

Ioniq – in late 2016

in addition to also the first electric car customized Hyundai will also be available as a PHEV in addition to also gasoline-electric hybrids, in addition to also will cost by around £ 18,000

Genesis [19459003-201619459005]

term occupies the first place among G90 saloon will go on sale in Korea in 2016.


QX30 – summer 2016

QX30 will join hatchback Q30 from the growing compact SUV line-up of Infiniti

Q50 Beauty [19,459,003 – fall 2016

facelifted Infiniti Q50 gets brand new V6 engines, steering in addition to also improve the structure of

Q60 – summer 2016

Japanese rival to 4 Group Plc M BMW in addition to also Audi coupes A5


E- Pace –2,017

looks like Jaguar can be preparing to enter the tiny SUV market

F- Pace – spring 2016

first SUV, Jaguar will take cues design concept C-X17, in addition to also will be powered by the engine group INGENIUM

electric SUV [19459003 – 2017


monument dramatically battery-powered 4X4 to go on sale in 2017, priced at around £ 60,000.


Kia Cee’d – 2017

brand new edition of the family hatchback Kia will get a brand new engine 1.0 liters, using a copy point hot GT to follow

Nero – fall 2016

crossover Kia’s brand new will be a competitor to the Toyota Prius

Optima Sportswagon – late 2016

real estate edition of the fourth generation Optima

Picanto –2,017 [

third-generation test has been spotted Picanto

spirit of Beauty –2,017

[19459004external] looks to be unchanged to a large extent. We expect the cabin to see most of the alterations


Aventador SV bike – Spring 2016

term occupies initial ranked 740bhp Aventador SV Roadster coupe will be joined by the open roof.


only 40 examples of the super basis Aventador to be built, in a £ 1.64 million each

Urus –2,018

can be expected SUV Lamborghini to share underpinnings with the Bentley Bentayga

Land Rover

discover 5 – 2017

super large SUV technology to take on the brand new Volvo XC90

guns [19,459,003 – 2019

will replace defender Land Rover will not be here until 2019.

Range Rover Sport SVR – 2017

car update can be likely to inherit 567bhp F-type engine SVR in


LC 500 – late 2016

sports coupe to replace the LFA


Evora Roadster 400 –2,017

a copy of the most important car Evora from the works, with 400bhp in addition to also rigid structure like a coupe.


570GT – July 2016

design GT gets luxurious cabin in addition to also boot back space for ease of use in addition to also added


Levante – in late 2016

Maserati Levante project can be the first Italian brand projects from the SUV segment. of which’s big SUV being after the Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, the next Jaguar F- Pace.


MX-5 RF – 2017

folding hard top edition of the Mazda MX-5 brand new will go on sale early next year, with an automatic gearbox option

[ Mercedes-Benz

E-Class – summer 2016

the next generation of E-class will take the design cues by the C-class, S- GLA in addition to also coupe class, with the latest test mules offer information in addition to also entertainment brand new big screen inside the cabin. of which will be joined by E-Class Coupe in addition to also E-Class estate later in 2016.

C-Class Beauty –2,017

has been spotted

in addition to also facelifted C-Class for the very first time with the brand new headlights in addition to also disk cosmetic light

CLA Beauty – mid 2016

CLA gets a moderate face to bring of which in line with the rest of the group A- Class facelifted

C-Class Cabriolet – summer 2016

open-top edition of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class will go on sale from the UK This kind of summer, using a copy C63 occupies the first place among the group planned also

Beauty S-Class – in late 2016

will upgrade S-Class brand new access technology, media in addition to also internal alterations to the outside design minor

S Cabriolet class – spring 2016

drop top gets S-class roof fabric folding, will battle near the territory of the Bentley Continental GTC

SL Beauty – 2016

updated SL to go on sale at the end of 2016.

Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe – in late 2016

performance edition of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe gets 362bhp engine by the twin-turbo V6


compatriot – in late 2016

each brand new fellow will come to the market with updated. Design in addition to also greater dimensions

Superleggera’s –2,019

direct competitor Statistics for the Mazda MX-5


p – May 2016

gets the first car to SUV production MG payment from the turbo 2.0-liter engine in addition to also CS looks inspired by the concept of


Beauty Outlander –2,016


Mitsubishi did not say when the Outlander facelifted will come to the UK, although the width of your vehicle upgrade brand new York

ASX Beauty – September 2016

refreshed Mitsubishi ASX will feature updated styling in addition to also Inner surface trim in addition to also brand new engine

Mirage Beauty – May 2016


Mitsubishi Mirage facelifted using a brand new design, fittings in addition to also internal of which

shogun –2,017

all-brand new SUV will adhere to the roots 4X4 her


EV3 – in late 2016

brand new progress lightweight all-electric Morgan EV3 a range of 150 miles in addition to also can reach 62mph in 8.0sec

April [

Pulsar Nismo – middle 2016

Paris Motor tend 2014 concept car to make the production with the power of petrol 1.6 Turbo

Mircra – 2016


replace to improve the perceived quality

Jock – late 2016

will focus next Nissan Juke on improving technology in addition to also perceived quality


Huayra R – 2016

, faster, more focused than Huayra copy


2008 Beauty – summer 2016

in addition to also have revealed the facelifted Peugeot 2008 crossover. Featuring updates styling inside in addition to also out in addition to also the option of the carrier a brand new automatic transmission as part of a mid-life renovation

3008 – 2017

MPV crossover Peugeot to get more design SUV traditional quartet


911 R – in late 2016

hot brand new lightweight seats 911 aims to provide driving pleasure rather than times title lap

911 [19,459,003 – 2018

all-brand new 911 arrives in 2018, of which can be expected of which the hybrid offering for the very first time

718 Boxster in addition to also 718 Cayman – mid 2016

in addition to also will provide

boxer four-cylinder engines from the Boxster amended, in addition to also 400 brand new bhp estimated estimator unit to Cayman

Cayenne – 2018

Porsche can be preparing 2018 Caen, of which can be based on the Audi Q7 platform

Panamera – in late 2016

Porsche can be planning big alterations for the second generation of saloon

Panamera shooting brake –2,017

in addition to also shooting brake design, inspired clearly from the silhouette of the concept of the Panamera Sport Turismo of the Paris Motor show, in addition to also increase both back Prime The room in addition to also the boot area of ​​2012 compared with the equivalent of four doors to them.

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