What does your car say about you?

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MG classic car , or more precisely, what do you want your car to say about you? One way or another, the British car make statements on their drivers better than most


threat. There’s nothing wrong with owning a car in addition to intimidation, I suppose. If you are Batman

However, in a strange – threat – a word to describe a luxury car. Bentley has only been used to characterize the appearance of Mulsanne speed – faster variant of the long, luxury car luxury which lies on the proper set-posh summit

the idea odd choice because, as if your vehicle which says “I’m real estate tycoon gazillionaire or oil baron” was not enough, in addition to at This kind of point says, “I am a real estate tycoon gazillionaire or oil baron in a bad mood.” I’m not sure I’d want to say which about myself – which can be, perhaps, why I’m not a real estate mogul gazillionaire

, yet the idea makes me wonder: What your car says about you? Or, more insistent, what you want to say about you?

dimly remember a television program a long time ago. in addition to provided three cars to a committee of women in addition to the question: Which of the drivers of these vehicles, “Do you think which you would likely find more appealing in addition to was a car

One old classic British crusty? in addition to MG, maybe. Last sports car you describe as” flashy “(although I forget which). the third option pocket

in addition to there was a consensus of the firm: owner MG will spend every weekend oily access in addition to will sports car driver be cleaner. Jeep driver can be roughty-toughty- swoon worthy kinda man equipped to deal with all of the ills of life, whether the idea’s a zombie apocalypse or deflation moderate.

in spite of all This kind of progress welcomed by feminism in addition to equal ( perhaps several) contracts since the program aired, the idea may be there can be still something inside the idea. I will not pretend which vanity plays no role in me prefers to look at Land Rover Defender coming from the Audi A4 . I still maintain which the rise in popularity of live hipstery linked to the credit crunch. “Yes, I might lose my job inside the creative agency. Darling, yet I see the growth of Leif Erikson. If Hoxton Apartments can be repossessed, we will build us shelter in addition to wrestle deer. “

thinking back to the Bentley, I also wonder, if British cars today says more about their drivers of cars than most different countries. Whether” our “cars have more, for lack of a better word, in addition to personal – appropriate, perhaps, to the fact which we do not make cars, “normal”, yet those built here by the overseas manufacturers. A Honda Civic , even one built in Swindon, says not much about the driver.

Land Rover, though? exactly what you do. the Caterham or Ariel or radical or a Rolls-Royce? without question. I think This kind of can be something to boast about – even if the message can be: “I am of the few who for in my way round to put the rent up 300% “

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Source: What does your car say about you?

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