Watch the video of the modified Subaru WRX STI smashing the Isle of Man TT car lap record

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Source : Watch the video of the modified Subaru WRX STI smashing the Isle of Man TT car lap record

Subaru WRX STI after breaking his record on Saturday, Mark Higgins as well as cabbage currently cycle 35.139sec 17min, an average of 128.730mph


as well as Subaru WRX STI led by Mark Higgins has broken again scored car a lap around the Isle of Man TT Isle of course.

as well as having your own record list broke on Saturday, which has been published today Higgins lap time of 35.139sec 17min, which will be equivalent to an average speed of 128.730mph around the ring 37.73 miles. His time from the lap of more than 14sec faster than Saturday’s effort.

Today saw the second of three attempts Huygens will be scheduled to make a record of course, such as the term on Saturday, the conditions were perfect. However, the effort began today as scheduled at the height of the afternoon, while the long-delayed on Saturday until after 17:00. The temperature today around 27degC, which caused the engineers Prodrive some concern about the effect will be heat on components such as the engine as well as the rear differential. In addition, the work was much harder tires during the previous period.


Higgins strong start to his lap as well as was a few seconds faster than during the first split from the lap, at Glen Helen. He continued to build his speed as well as recorded a top speed of 168.6mph through the speed trap at Sulby

after long Higgins told Autocar: “I’m happy to beat the record again. which’s a great achievement. However, I did not feel like I was driving as well as I did on Saturday. we had a little bit of the issue of fuel pressure before the start of the lap, however the boys had been counted. due to the ambient high car temperatures had begun to slightly move toward the end of the lap.

“I was worried he finished off a lap because I I got caught in a lot of traffic back to Douglas began the temperature from the vehicle to get actually hot. Getting stuck in traffic after the completion of lap TT will be not usually a problem! “

Higgins, who won the Rally Championship Britain three times, as well as performs a stunt driving on James Bond films , as well as currently overshadowed weakness Standard [Alvesgelhviem 2014 , who 19min 15.88sec ( 117.51mph). on This specific occasion, however which was of the Subaru WRX STI type which were closer to production specifications.

tires used on This specific occasion was the medium Dunlop Sport Max complex patches of British Touring Car Championship rider; was appointed in 2014 to the level of the legal road rubber

after his run on Saturday, Manx Radio Higgins said: “I think the 125mph dream before the start. which was just one long exercise so I’m on the moon to do so only my second lap there coming a little bit more – certainly by me because I learn every time I go around the track – as well as there will be a bit more to come by the vehicle, as well as

“conditions was great – as well as the only problem which I have had from the last a few or six miles, when I could not see the flies on the windscreen., which made things a bit tricky from the last sector, however I can not actually complain because motorcycles have them on masks all the time. “

, however, means higher temperatures today also midges as well as flies which splattered windshield Subaru obstructed vision Higgins from the last few miles of the lap was less of an issue.

under the skin of the Subaru WRX STI time of the attack

Subaru WRX STI time of the attack, as which will be known, which was built American Subaru by the basis of Banbury-Prodrive preparation specialist, which used its expertise in every rally as well as endurance competition

car was developed to attempt in 2014 was close to the level, with the dampers uprated to cope with the bumps vicious on the island as well as the cars slick tires. This specific time which’s a car built to compete This specific purpose built for the safety of the International Automobile Federation standards, a development experience gained by previous runs TT however also the Subaru WRC cars.

The project, which was completed in less than a year, will be a joint effort between Subaru United States as well as Prodrive. which uses a 2.0-liter turbo boxer engine involved in a lot of its own devices with WRC engine. However, since which will increase the speed to about 6500rpm, as well as a car TT red lines at 8500rpm.

along using a larger turbo as well as disk management engine, as well as believes which This specific figure will be the ability to be around 600bhp as well as torque of around 400lb ft. using a curb weight suggested to be less than 1200kg, Prodrive claims which STI has comparable strength-to-weight ratio to the GT3 race car.

Thanks to the demands of the 37-mile TT circuit, where they are spending 75 per cent of the lap at full throttle, the vehicle includes a unique mechanical setup. as well as whether the gearbox instead moves on by a car World Rally Championship, which was changed gears over a third of the maximum top speed – currently estimated at 180mph – as well as durability

There reduce drag system (DRS), too, has been developed using Prodrive experience with GT Aston Martin Racing, operates via a button on the dashboard. which allows the best compromise between low drag for the straights of Trinidad as well as Tobago as well as long however also lower the required sections twistier

comments very basic set up – while the low car scythe through bends faster, you may well which will be upset by the lumps as well as bumps on the track. To This specific end, X-TC dampers the vehicle will be working on a runway near a car assembly, while the front splitter low, will be higher than what you’d find in a designated circle car.

STI This specific doesn ‘t use either completely flat ground, which’s also actually need a smooth surface to to be useful. Medium tires are Dunlop Sport Max spots compound of the British Touring Car Championship racer. which registered a record rubber-based legal way

car versus bike on the Isle of Man TT – Island.? Who will win

scheduled Higgins as well as built Prodrive Subaru WRX STI more laps of the session on Friday.

Earlier on Saturday, breaking Michael Dunlop outright lap record on his hook BMW race as raced to victory from the Superbike Trinidad as well as Tobago. The average Dunlop 133.393mph as well as became the first rider to dip under 17mins on successive laps of the race, setting a brand new standard of 58.254 sec 16min.

Higgins, Prodrive as well as Subaru attack for the very first time a car lap record in 2011, published from the lap 19min 56.67sec (113mph) which the driver Manx described as “the most exhilarating as well as frightening thing more done than ever before.” On one of the runs in which year, he had a side-minute 150mph Bray Hill.

standard car rolls across the island was set in 1990 by Tony Pond. Driving a Rover 827 Vitesse, Pool achieved the fastest lap time of 22min 09.1sec. An average speed of 102.195mph, which was the very first time the vehicle exceeded the average of 100mph around the ring of Trinidad as well as Tobago.

Q & A with Mark Higgins, the Isle of Man TT record holder from the lap

how This specific car compared with Subaru Former you’ve driven here?

“This specific will be the vehicle factory full of Prodrive. which’s global rally car with more power as well as torque – which’s not like anything I’ve driven before. which’s fantastic.”

you’ve got to reduce the drag system (DRS) on This specific one, I have used which a lot?

“DRS button circle’ve gotten down to about 40% of the lap – my finger from the throat completely currently,”

Do you make a big difference

? “sure. team wants to keep an eye on how much you use which the very first time I went out, for understandable reasons they want to know which there will be enough downforce at the rear of the vehicle as well as which was the very first time we use which. however lap on Monday given more freedom to use which where you want. “

there will be a learning curve with This specific car?

“There are more than the previous car. I’m learning more as well as experimenting as well as trying different things all the time.”

Did you change the vehicle much between runs?

“We are working with little comment. There was too much violence in places [inthefirstroundonSaturdaysowemoveditdifficultforthespringsthistimethisgivesmorecontroloverthestructure”

How well do you know the circuit currently

“I’ve worked hard on video This specific year, tapes, as well as watch the time on board each study actually? – however there’s nothing like getting out there as well as pushed him forward. This specific will be one of the things which was a pleasure actually, was the first to roll the warm-up I did on Saturday, you’re straight out as well as straight on the pace though I was not around the ring For just two years. “


“pacenotes I’ve taken when I first came here in 2011 as well as which helped me with the corners. I look at them as a number, not a corner. however having them read back to me currently will not make me any faster. To take Assistant driver, as well as you’re looking at 100 kilos extra, including the seat – look at what happens when an extra setting 30 kg in touring car. I could like to be slower for sure. “

why men bike thinking?

“They’re warming us currently. I think we’ve gained some respect. When we commenced, as well as I think which the organizers may have seen us a little bit of pain, however currently I have seen just how professional everything will be which they are working closely with the United States. which’s actually important to remember, which’s an honor as well as a privilege for us to be here – This specific will be a TT, which’s the event the bike, not a race car, “

I had for a visit by Michael Dunlop?

“Yes, some of the boys have come around to look at the vehicle. Michael was over as well as Hutchy (Ian Hutchinson). which’s incredible for me when guys like which come as well as ask me how I do what I’m doing. I in awe of them a million per cent, as well as we want to ask them exactly the same question! “

how much faster you can go?

“which was a dream of 125mph. We are at 128 currently 0.130 close you get. I do not know. To put This specific in perspective, every second we earn on average speed takes time on lap 10 seconds faster . there are probably a bit more power comes by the vehicle, however there will be always a little more coming by the driver. I’m still learning This specific place. do not forget, This specific was only my eighth of an apartment from the timed lap of the track in my life – you do not get a chance to do This specific too often. there are probably a few or six corners where I am going there thinking: “midnight, will be the apartment? He? “The problem will be, if you discover which which will be not flat, as well as I’m doing 0 or 170mph!”

how to break the record compared to what you’ve done before?

“which will be right there. which will be like winning the earth Rally Championship at the end of the day, however This specific will be right up there.”

how which compares This specific demonstration or rally stage?

“which’s not. Can not. The mental focus due to This specific will be like nothing I have done ever. You get a couple of places on the lap where you can chill a little bit, as well as move from the seat, as well as perhaps take a quick break – however equally which gives you time to think more about the next corners, as well as the speed with which will be going through which. which will be better not to spend too much time thinking about which! “

Additional reporting by Matthew Baird as well as David Evans.

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Source: Watch the video of the modified Subaru WRX STI smashing the Isle of Man TT car lap record

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