VW plans radical fresh electric vehicle for 2019

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Source : VW plans radical fresh electric vehicle for 2019

Autocar rendering of VW's electric car aims suffering through Volkswagen crisis “to make a statement,” with the latest electric fresh style which will be able to travel more than 300 miles on an individual charge


Volkswagen leading engineers were challenged by the head of Herbert Diess company to create an electric car can be a creator like golf .

was the secret plan, revealed by Autocar magazine, through Diess as a key pillar inside the company’s attempts to rebuild its reputation inside the wake of the emissions scandal developed along with will be described as a similar shift inside the depth of the multi-billion pounds of Engineering pledged of which was born I3 in BMW , his former employer.


Diess engineering folks leaders along with Volkswagen to create a “Volkswagen Digital Age” along with the best engineering talent in Braunschweig R & D center the company will be already working on the fresh car, which will be tentatively scheduled in 2019.

Diess challenged his team to set fresh standards for the performance of the electric as well as developing cutting -edge communication, information along with entertainment systems along with style of the vehicle so of which stands out as a statement of the technical capabilities of Volkswagen.

hand-picked team of engineers will be currently defining the packaging of the fresh style free of emissions, which will be understood about 4400mm in length. This specific compares with Golf in 4255mm along with indicates of which of which will defend its sales inside the same segment, while generating offers a unique strength of its kind, along with internal research along with the environment.

“of which will make a huge statement,” a senior engineer with the knowledge revealed research along with development VW plans. “We have planned to use cutting-edge technology, however at a cost of which makes of which achievable for the average driver,” added the source.


Autocar, the electric car will be dedicated first to use the VW Group’s fresh architecture Bank Middle East, which has been specially developed for electric vehicles.

was displayed on a platform on concept of iPod-mail MPV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier This specific year, with VW claims Architecture “heralds a fundamental change in electric vehicles, along with therefore of the vehicle in general, because the bank itself throws all the weight of fossil fuels at the present time inside the sea, of which will be having been designed specifically for electric vehicles. ”

along with as a result, Volkswagen says the Centeng design, Inside design, Inside packaging, packaging, pay electric vehicles properties will change dramatically. He

modifications compared with the current design of the vehicle to focus on the opportunity for internal much more extensive in a car using a much smaller footprint, along with increase the speed along with increase networking opportunities. In addition, Volkswagen has targeted significant growth inside the electrical domain through the use of electric motors along with compact high-performance batteries.

while Volkswagen banking on a range of up to 300KM (186 miles) to the next-generation e-Golf established in 2018, along with claimed the engineering parameters electrician for a fresh style of an invitation to 500km beyond the range (311 miles) – the same distance claimed by Porsche for the production style of [19459012LBosh-E saloon.

Despite the obvious similarities between the concept of e-iPod independent electric cars, which will be a major source inside the R & D center R & Volkswagen said being developed separately, albeit through the same podium Bank Middle East.

[19459004Alriisaltnivecharkh] Volkswagen Matthias Müller Group has confirmed of which there will be 20 electric or plug-in hybrid cars within the Volkswagen Group by 2020.

“We use the current crisis to re-radical organization inside the group.” , He Said . “I feel we right now hold the opportunity to build a fresh along with better Volkswagen along with Volkswagen.”

So far, with the exception of ultra-high-tech XL1 , Volkswagen focused electric cars have developments on the current types, such as until along with golf. Before emissions scandal , of which has been careful to take the sales of electric vehicles approach.

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Source: VW plans radical fresh electric vehicle for 2019

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