VW Phideon revealed ahead of Geneva motor show debut

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Source : VW Phideon revealed ahead of Geneva motor show debut

Volkswagen Phideon China’s brand-new saloon only point towards the high-end cars from the future of Volkswagen, including the next Phaeton


as well as Volkswagen have revealed Phideon, previewing a brand-new design line Volkswagen says the item plans to integrate the high-end saloon designs from the future. as well as Phideon will be the Chinese luxury sedan from the market based on the same platform as the Audi A6 .

revealed on the eve of the exhibition Geneva 2016 , where the item will make the premiere of the pubic, the 5050mm long Phideon go on sale in China in October, as well as fill the niche occupied by the first generation of Phaeton .

conceived to provide several advanced functions not previously available on any product Volkswagen, the item will be positioned over the Chinese market Volkswagen Magotan car will be closely linked to the United States market Passat.

VW design boss Klaus Bischoff, says the distinctive design of the front end Phideon will greatly affect the look of the luxury designs from the future of the German automotive industry, including the Phaeton through the second generation.

will be characterized by the appearance of restraint yet characteristically high degree of technique will be similar to the latest European market Passat, the item was designed from the Volkswagen design studio from the main Wolfsburg explicitly for the Chinese market.

“The brand-new Phideon, with flowing lines as well as after thoroughly’s painted, exudes a higher existence. Gradual design will be compatible using a high level of technical innovations,” says Bischoff.

from the long 5050mm, 187mm wide as well as 1480 mm tall, as well as Phideon will be just shorter 5MM, 35MM narrower as well as 30 mm higher than the standard-wheelbase Phaeton.

power four-wheel drive Phideon at the fair in Geneva This specific week comes through a 3.0-liter gasoline V6 diesel engine providing 296bhp as well as 295 lb-ft of torque.

as will be the case with the Audi A6 produced as well as sold in China, although production versions Volkswagen’s brand-new luxury saloon will also provide a front wheel drive as well as the option of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine four-cylinder turbo.

petrol-electric hybrid-powered variant will be expected of luxury Phidoen also to be unveiled at the Beijing show in April.

Volkswagen riding on the brand-new Audi closely related structure A6. Chinese buyers will be able to choose between standard sprung steel or air suspension option – the last offers all 5 different driving patterns

Phideon described as the most advanced production car Volkswagen yet. the item features a range of functional properties brought over through the Audi A6 as well as the largest A8 sister, with which the item shares from the electrical architecture. Included Unit head-up display, camera based night vision, as well as perspective areas system with four cameras wide angle to allow easy maneuverability in tight spaces, Adaptive Cruise Control as well as Warning lane departure system, as well as a wide range of brand-new features to provide smartphone connecting via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as MirrorLink.

Phideon will be produced in Shanghai, from the manufacturing base of the Volkswagen as well as the Chinese market Volkswagen joint venture partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Despite the competition from the category of uninhabited currently no product of Volkswagen from the United Kingdom, as well as Wolfsburg officials say there are no current plans to create sales of brand-new luxury sedan here.

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Source: VW Phideon revealed ahead of Geneva motor show debut

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