VW EV could be 'cheaper than equivalent Golf'

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Source : VW EV could be 'cheaper than equivalent Golf'

Volkswagen EV product EV Volkswagen can also have a range of 310 miles along with charging time of 15 minutes


along with Volkswagen group can overcome his rivals in electric car technology if the item achieves widespread across all of its brands effectively, according to coach the technical development of the company, Frank Welch.

Volkswagen coach Matthias Mueller revealed inside the Geneva Motor Show of which the company will launch a family electric car that has a range of 500km (310 miles), along with time to recharge 15 minutes to get a lower cost for the equivalent of golf 19,459,003 ]. Insiders said earlier of which the highest Autocar Volkswagen Group management believes of which the likelihood of which the first electric car to be creative along with an ideal way to keep the memories Dieselgate emissions scandal.

“tools the bank gives us the same platform group, said Welch, a perfect opportunity to get a solution size by using the platform in many ways as possible.” “If we can achieve scale along with then all sorts of things will become open to us, through the lower costs of the fastest R & D.”


Welch also Volkswagen renovated dramatically e-Golf will go for sale at the end of This particular year or early next year, with the electric group claimed of 186 miles, up through the current product 118 miles. “Cell technology will be moving forward quickly,” he said, “along with will move faster inside the future.”

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Source: VW EV could be 'cheaper than equivalent Golf'

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