VW emissions scandal: Volkswagen rejects EU's demands for compensation

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Source : VW emissions scandal: Volkswagen rejects EU's demands for compensation

VW Paul Willis


Paul Willis first appeared in front of selected transport committee in October

Volkswagen agrees with UK coach Paul Willis claims which the payments are not necessary because of agreements to reach a solution. This specific has been met as a result of increasing pressure through industry commissioner of the European Union

Volkswagen confirmed which which will not offer compensation to European customers disgruntled, despite persistent pressure through the European Union.

Last week, the industry commissioner of the European Union Elzbieta Bienkowska wrote CEO of Volkswagen Matthias Mueller demanding owners should be compensated the affected vehicles.


Volkswagen said in a statement on Thursday, saying: “We are focused in Europe on the repair as well as also servicing of the situation from the United States as well as also Canada, the process can not automatically be compared with various other markets from the entire world, as well as also therefore This specific work can not be simply sold various other markets. ”


The European Commission already to think which justified Bienkowska requests for, saying: “She reiterated her clear vision which consumers from the European Union should be treated the same way as agents of the United States, Mr. Mueller has agreed to come back to the Commissioner. Points discussed “.

earlier This specific month, faced coach of the United Kingdom, Paul Willis similar pressure through members of the British Parliament when he appeared before the Committee on the Environment Food as well as also Rural Affairs. He refuted allegations which VW UK should offer payments to customers through fraudulent vehicle emissions tests, arguing which which was not necessary because, unlike from the United States, “We have a solution here.”

In a statement on the website of the Commission, said Louise Elman MP which in light of more recent information provided by Volkswagen, the Commission has agreed to call Willis to hold a second round of questioning.

“Volkswagen contending which the software installed from the affected vehicles constitute a defeat from the European Union, despite the recognition which the program itself constitute a defeat from the United States,” says the Germans. “German power cars, as well as also KBA, has announced which the legal opinion did Volkswagen use a defeat to pass emissions tests approved in Europe type.”

The Commission has also published a letter he sent to Ellmann of Wales, which stipulates which Volkswagen will not be providing compensation to the owners of the United Kingdom at the present time, where you see the company which money is usually better used to support technical reforms. “We believe which with the reform just around the corner, the amount available for such a payment in not bad faith should be spent on increasing demand for technical measures among customers,” says Willis.

Willis also says which Volkswagen “I do not believe which is usually necessary” to provide compensation to the owners of Britain, as the customer did not pay higher tax rates as a result of the scandal CO2. In a letter Willis, also raised the point which not bad intentions provided to customers from the United States is usually not a compensation package.

Jim Autocar holder editorial director appeared before the Select Committee of the transfer earlier This specific month to give evidence as part of the investigation. Read the blog on the experience of here .

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Source: VW emissions scandal: Volkswagen rejects EU's demands for compensation

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