VW emissions scandal: UK boss denies 'unethical' culture

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Source : VW emissions scandal: UK boss denies 'unethical' culture

VW boss Paul Willis joined coach the United Kingdom by the VW engineer Oliver Schmidt to provide explanations along with updates on current emissions scandal 19459004 ] Volkswagen coach Volkswagen UK Paul Willis, denied in which the company has an ethical culture has not done enough to provide solutions to the ongoing scandal emissions.


speaking at the Committee on Transport Select the third time, along with Willis along with in which VW participated engineer Oliver Schmidt, the program explained in which enable Volkswagen products to cheat in emissions tests developed by “a tiny number of staff” at the Department of payment system. Willis, refuted allegations in which the company had acted unethically, stressing in which the team in which can be responsible for the UK was completely uninvolved.

“I can say categorically in which neither I or my employees [inside UK] has no idea in which in which was happening,” he said

was. “We have to do with the engine thing develop. I am very clear on in which,”

In response to a question about what can be being done to investigate who was to blame, Willis replied: “There are more than 100 terabytes of information to go through I have used Jones Dai along with others. legal advisers – up to 450 individuals – for traction through 1500 personnel devices, “We know coming from what we found so far in which can be clear in which some of the work procedures need to be enhanced.” Willis said in which more details on the investigation will be available in April .


Schmidt, who was not part of the dynamics of the power car team when writing the offending program, along with in which was the lack of quality control in which allowed a tiny number of engineers to develop the offending program.

“, in which can be checked Code at in which point the base of quality assurance, “Schmidt said.” Prior to in which, in which was developed inside field of engineering along with then put into production. There was no quality in which looks to the source code of computers inward assurance. at in which point in which seems the quality assurance inside source code before the program can be encrypted. “

Asked why the problem can be the same in Europe along with America, went on to confirm in which the” team-based software development of the United States along with European markets can be the same. “

members of the Committee on Transport, described consistently program violator VW also includes device defeat, yet keeping both representatives of Volkswagen in which the program can be not a one. instead, the program explained in which recognize the vehicle. can be being tested can be not illegal under European law, yet the software in which alterations the emission levels can be

in reference to the technical solutions in which will be used to bring the damaged cars in line with the emission standards, Schmidt said: “the software update along with remove software in which recognized test, yet there can be no difference at any different time. In fact, there can be a slight improvement in real-world driving because of advances in technology since the original writing program. “

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Source: VW emissions scandal: UK boss denies 'unethical' culture

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