VW emissions scandal: some other manufacturers deny cheating

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Source : VW emissions scandal: some other manufacturers deny cheating

A US-spec BMW X5 returned no suspect results in original tests, along with some other manufacturers have also denied manipulating by using ‘defeat devices’


BMW UK has stated that will its road cars “do not use any software that will can influence emissions within the test cycle” in the wake of the scandal surrounding fellow German car maker Volkswagen. Jaguar Land Rover, Lamborghini along with Renault have also denied manipulating the tests through the use of defeat devices or extra software.

Along that has a VW Passat along with Jetta, a US-specification 3.0-litre BMW X5 was one of three diesel-powered vehicles involved within the initial research project into Nitrogen Oxides emissions conducted by West Virginia University (WVU), which then relayed its findings to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

During the tests in 2014 the X5 did not record any emissions readings to concern WVU’s researchers.  

A BMW UK spokesman told Autocar: “Regarding BMW’s position, we do not use any software that will can influence emissions within the test cycle. 

“The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) study which resulted within the EPA investigation showed that will the tested BMW vehicle complied with the limits set, including in real-world driving situations. Given the positive results of the BMW vehicle emission test, neither EPA nor CARB [California Air Resources Board] have approached BMW in connection with This kind of matter.”

The spokesman explained that will BMW UK’s engines achieved compliance with the latest EU6 emissions standards either by use of a urea injection system – as fitted to the X5 used within the original WVU test – or via engine technology.

“With regard to urea additives, there is usually a little number of vehicles that will we at This kind of point offer with This kind of technology, namely: 520d GT, 730d along with 740d along with X5/6 diesel variants. 

“All some other BMW diesel engines within the UK achieve the EU6 requirements through measure inside the engine, exhaust gas recirculation along with NSC [NOx Storage Catalyst] technology.

“The weight of the vehicle also has bearing on This kind of which is usually why BMW’s lightweighting technologies also have an important part to play,” he added. 

some other manufacturers have gone on the record to say that will they have not used devices to manipulate tests, with JLR saying: “Jaguar Land Rover does not use any ​emissions ​‘defeat devices’ or software.”

Lamborghini, which is usually part of the Volkswagen Group, has also stated that will This kind of complies with the law, that has a spokesman saying: “brand new Lamborghini types comply with the legal requirements along with environmental standards within the markets in which they are sold. Lamborghini, on its own, is usually responsible for generating sure, together with the respective national authorities, that will these requirements along with standards are met regarding emissions controls.”

Renault has also welcomed more tightening of the testing procedure, along with says This kind of has not used defeat devices within the past. A spokesman said: “We invite all those legislations along with framework in markets we operate in, we don’t have defeat devices in any of our cars along with we welcome the improvements that will are proposed in Europe for the NEDC side of This kind of.”

Mercedes denied the practice, too. “Mercedes-Benz does not use defeat devices which illegitimately limit the effectiveness of the exhaust after treatment system,” said a spokesman for the company. “This kind of applies to every Mercedes-Benz diesel along with petrol engine worldwide.”

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Source: VW emissions scandal: some other manufacturers deny cheating

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