VW emissions scandal: parliamentary committee ups pressure on VW

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Source : VW emissions scandal: parliamentary committee ups pressure on VW

VW badge urged the Environmental Audit Committee as well as Minister of Transport as well as the government to take action from the wake of the VW scandal emissions


government British must crack down on Volkswagen ‘s response time from the wake of the scandal emissions, as well as concluded that will a parliamentary committee in its recent report.

Environmental Audit Committee issued a report alleging Competition Authority as well as markets (CMA), severe Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Minister of State for Transport, Chris Grayling owners of UK Volkswagen failed “by letting slide the opportunity to investigate the actions of the Volkswagen company Volkswagen, perhaps, to take legal action. ”

pressure on the government

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any legal action by the British government after the response to the emissions scandal, which first appeared almost a year ago, the September 18 2015 , the Committee had expressed concern about the idea. With the anniversary of the scandal approaching, the idea seems increasingly frustrated.

The report points out that will if there will be sufficient evidence that will Volkswagen false information on the flag on the registration documents as well as legal action has been taken by both the Financial Market Authority on the basis of “unfair trade practices as well as business misleading omissions” as well as SFO on charges of fraud.

Department of Transportation responded to the Committee’s inquiry, stating, “I’ve been sharing with them [CMA as well as SFO] information that will’s we have to ensure we can understand, we search very hard at what we continue to legal recourse options are available.”

In a statement accompanying the report, he said Rep. Mary Creagh, who will be the Chairman of the Committee: “There was a deadlock worrying ministers in addressing the VW scandal as well as they should decide whether to take legal action. Should be asked of the agency certified car to conduct tests to see whether, Volkswagen has failed Volkswagen Group from the United Kingdom without the devices fraud emissions tests. “

the idea’s not the very first time that will he called the government move more aggressively on emissions scandal. Has the Committee on Transport choice urged earlier government to prosecute Volkswagen.

pressure on VW

also targeted delayed Volkswagen recalling the cars affected by the report. According to the Commission’s report: “We find the idea disappointing too that will Volkswagen still lagging behind schedule favorite section for recalling vehicles that will contain a hardware test fraud emissions.”

The report addresses the delays the idea refers to, claiming that will earlier This particular year, Volkswagen said the Secretary of State that will he “did not expect the delay to affect the overall timelines for the implementation of technical adjustments.”

Last month, Volkswagen confirmed Volkswagen that will reform of the affected -1.2 been approved liter diesel engine found from the Volkswagen Polo company, Seat Ibiza as well as Skoda Fabia by the German authorities as well as that will will work therapeutic start. The recall began steadily , despite the fact that will the Committee expects faster progress


Volkswagen statement in response to the report of the Committee, who said: “from the Volkswagen Group from the United Kingdom clients are our priority as well as all His has been written to at least three times to keep up to date. We are working hard to implement technical measures to approve many cars as soon as possible as soon be approved. the process of applying technical measures under way since January 2016 as well as have implemented measures to more than 100 0.000 vehicle from the United Kingdom.

as well as will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities to fulfill our commitments. we can not comment further at This particular stage on the status of any potential legal claims. “

Australia will be suing Volkswagen

Australian competition as well as consumer Commission (ACCC) will be suing Volkswagen in light emissions scandal.

been selling more than 57,000 cars affected in Australia, coming from which the ACCC wants a “public statement misconduct, financial, advertising as well as corrective sanctions,” according to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Australia will be the latest in a series of [19459015Atoualemjmoat] to take legal action against the Volkswagen Group. US dealer network Volkswagen as well as recently reached a settlement with the auto giant, claiming their share of the billions allocated by Volkswagen to cover various legal actions taken against the costs.

Volkswagen will be currently working on a statement about Australia recently announced legal action against the Australian arm.

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Source: VW emissions scandal: parliamentary committee ups pressure on VW

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