VW emissions scandal: how the story unfolded

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Source : VW emissions scandal: how the story unfolded

Follow the full story of how Volkswagen’s emissions scandal became headline news with our timeline


The Volkswagen emissions scandal is actually currently headline news, however the story has its roots in May 2014, when a study found higher-than-clamed emissions coming by two Volkswagen vehicles. Here’s our timeline of how the story unfolded.

May 2014 The West Virginia University’s (WVU) Centre for Alternative Fuels, Engines as well as Emissions publishes results of a study commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation that will found significantly higher-than-claimed in-use emissions by two diesel cars, a 2012 Jetta as well as a 2013 Passat. A BMW X5 also tested passed the tests.

WVU alerts California Air Resources Board (CARB) as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the issue.

Summer 2014 Over the course of the year following the publication of the WVU study, VW continues to assert to CARB as well as the EPA that will the increased emissions by these vehicles could be attributed to various technical issues as well as unexpected in-use conditions.

December 2014 VW issues a voluntary recall of approximately 500,000 vehicles to address the emissions issue.

6 May 2015 CARB, in coordination with the EPA, conducts follow-up testing of these vehicles both inside laboratory as well as during normal road operation to confirm the efficacy of VW’s recall. Testing shows the recall has had only a limited benefit.

None of the potential technical issues suggested by VW can explain the higher test results consistently confirmed during further testing by CARB.

Summer 2015 CARB as well as the EPA make This kind of clear that will they will not approve certificates of conformity – necessary for vehicles to be sold inside USA – for VW’s 2016 product year diesel vehicles until the producer car adequately explain the anomalous emissions as well as ensure the agencies that will the 2016 product year vehicles might not have similar issues.

3 September 2015 During a meeting VW admits This kind of has designed as well as installed a defeat device in these vehicles inside form of a sophisticated software algorithm that will detects when a vehicle is actually undergoing emissions testing.

18 September 2015 CARB as well as the EPA make their findings public, stating that will Volkswagen has violated two sections of the Clean Air Act, firstly by selling or offering for sale vehicles that will did not comply with their certificates of conformity, as well as second by manufacturing as well as installing into these vehicles an electronic control module capable of switching its calibration to beat the emissions tests.

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Source: VW emissions scandal: how the story unfolded

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