VW emissions scandal: EPA introduces real-world tests

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Source : VW emissions scandal: EPA introduces real-world tests

US economy tests to include ‘driving cycles along with also conditions encountered in normal use’, regulatory Centeng warns


Car manufacturers have been warned which their vehicles will undergo real-world tests for emissions inside United States, inside wake of the VWdefeat device’ scandal.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, whose NOx emission test was bypassed by the software installed in VW’s EA189 engines, has sent an open letter to vehicle manufacturers today. In principle the purpose of the correspondence will be to advise car makers which the vehicles they send in for testing are likely to be returned with higher mileages than normal – although the letter also sends the clear message which the EPA will be today determined to make which more difficult for any maker to use software along with also different vehicle modes to pass the testing procedure.

The letter reads, “The EPA may test or require testing on any vehicle at a designed location, using driving cycles along with also conditions which may reasonably be required to be encountered in normal operation along with also use, for the purposes of investigating a potential defeat device.”

which adds, “Such testing can be expected in addition to the standard emissions test cycles when Emissions Data Vehicles along with also Fuel Economy Date Vehicles are tested by EPA. Manufacturers should expect which which additional testing may add time to the confirmatory test process along with also which additional mileage may be accumulated on the EDVs along with also FEDVs.”

Manufacturers are unlikely to put up any resistance to the additional mileage – although there may be concerns about the extra time taken to approve vehicles’ fuel economy figures, along with also whether which could delay potential launches along with also product roll-outs, particularly as the EPA gets up to speed on the brand new real-world test elements.


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Source: VW emissions scandal: EPA introduces real-world tests

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