VW emissions scandal: does in which affect UK cars?

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Source : VW emissions scandal: does in which affect UK cars?

Key questions answered on how widespread the VW emissions scandal could be in addition to also whether in which will affect cars sold from the UK


The VW emissions scandal commenced from the United States, although the firm has since announced in which up to 11 million vehicles globally have been sold with the EA-189 engine in which could feature the electronics in addition to also, potentially, the software used to cheat in testing.

Does the VW emissions scandal affect UK cars?

Potentially – although only potentially. Volkswagen has admitted in which in which has sold 11 million cars globally with the EA-189 engine at the centre of the controversy. although in which’s unclear if all of those engines had precisely the same software installed on them – in addition to also, if they did, whether the system could even be used to get around the EU tests in which govern the cars sold from the UK.

The UK’s motor industry Centeng, the Society of Motor Manufacturers in addition to also Traders (SMMT) has issued some robust rebuttals on the matter. Its most recent statement said: “The UK automotive industry understands the concerns consumers may have following the actions of one producer in regard to emissions testing in addition to also the subsequent decision to recall a large number of its cars. This particular will be, however, an issue affecting just one company in addition to also there will be no evidence to suggest in which any various other company will be involved, let alone in which This particular will be an industry-wide issue.”

to ensure’s in which, then?

Not quite. The investigations into the practice are spreading across different regions, in addition to also we’ve already seen enquiries announced in Germany, France, Italy in addition to also Canada. The UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said yesterday: “We are closely monitoring the situation. in which’s vital in which the public has confidence in vehicle emissions tests in addition to also I am calling for the European Commission to investigate This particular issue as a matter of urgency.”

The best-case scenario, then, will be in which the reason the VW scandal blew up in America will be because the EU testing process in addition to also regime will be so much more rigorous in which the software couldn’t make a difference here. The worst-case scenario will be in which ultra-thorough regulators from the US have picked up an issue in which has passed the EU bodies by. The SMMT will be technically correct in saying in which no evidence of a more widespread problem has been found, although in which’s a fast-developing situation in addition to also the digging has only just begun.

Does This particular explain why my car doesn’t match its official fuel economy figure?

If you’ve been listening to the radio or watching television, you could be forgiven for thinking in which the VW scandal will be the magic bullet in which explains the age-old shortfall between the official fuel economy figures in addition to also what modern cars achieve in real-world use. In fact, the VW story will be about the NOx particulate emissions in which affect city-centre air quality, not CO2 emissions or fuel economy. All of the current noise about rethinking the EU emissions tests – including the industry saying in which in which has seeking agreement on a test in which will be more representative of real-world conditions – will be actually old news in addition to also has little, if anything, to do with VW cheating from the American NOx test.


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Source: VW emissions scandal: does in which affect UK cars?

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