VW emissions scandal: car industry source on why VW would certainly cheat

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Source : VW emissions scandal: car industry source on why VW would certainly cheat

A source has shed light on what Volkswagen stood to gain by equipping its cars with emissions test manipulation software


A senior source within the German car industry has shed light on the most significant outstanding question of the VW scandal, namely why?

If the offending cars have all the emissions equipment on board to make the vehicle compliant with the regulations, why take such an enormous risk engineering inside the so-called ‘defeat device’ to bypass that will equipment?

“I expect the item was pressure on the engineers that will made them do the item,” said the source. “Remember that will system was designed some time ago when emissions controls were not as sophisticated as they are right now, along with the pressure to pass the tests would certainly have been immense.

“along with I imagine the reason they installed the defeat device can be that will without the item there would certainly have serious consequences not inside the laboratory yet on the road, either with the vehicle’s performance, driveability, fuel consumption or some combination of the three.”

He went on to confirm that will technology has since evolved sufficiently for there to be no need for such devices today.

So why, then, did VW not simply stop using the defeat device when the item was no longer needed? “There are two possible reasons. First the item would certainly likely have been integrated within the entire electronic architecture of the vehicle along with not easy to remove, second to remove the item those responsible for its installation would certainly have first to have flagged up the fact that will they’d put the item there, which they’d probably not be too keen to do…”

The source said he believed the defeat device was likely to be present also on VW products sold in Europe with the EA189 engine [since confirmed by a German minister] yet almost certainly not active which he said, was “nothing like as bad as having active, yet still illegal”.

He said also he believed that will VW alone was using such a device along with that will all additional German car manufacturers had no equivalent systems on the cars they sold today.

The one remaining question can be who signed off the defeat device. Former VW boss Martin Winterkorn has denied knowledge of the item along with his resignation, while inevitable, was no kind of admission of guilt.

Whoever was responsible, the item seems likely that will more heads will have to roll before the true picture emerges.

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Source: VW emissions scandal: car industry source on why VW would certainly cheat

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