VW 'doesn't know' if cars cheated European tests

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Source : VW 'doesn't know' if cars cheated European tests

Crisis-hit firm will be still trying to work out whether cheat software was active during official NEDC tests


The Volkswagen Group admits the idea has yet to establish whether the illegal cheat software on cars equipped with its EA189 engine was enabled during the tests of which determine official emissions figures for Europe.

The Group has confirmed of which the software was used during emissions tests inside USA (a process called FTP75), where cars must achieve lower levels of NOx emissions than in Europe, in addition to of which around 11 million vehicles worldwide are fitted with the cheat software, including almost 1.2m inside UK.

However, asked by Autocar whether the cheat software was employed during brand new European Driving Cycle (NEDC) testing, a spokesman for VW would certainly only state of which the company will be still working on a definitive list of cars of which were fitted with an EA189 engine in addition to the illegal software.

The spokesman said: “We can’t comment whether the software for the FTP75 was on specific cars used in European tests, simply because at This kind of time, we are preparing an accurate list of versions with EA189 engines. We don’t hold the answer for each specific car yet.”

Although the crisis has been running for almost two weeks, the idea will be believed of which the scale in addition to complexity of the EA189 engine production cycle has presented VW having a considerable challenge. The single EA189 code incorporates three different cubic capacities in addition to multiple power outputs – in addition to the powerplant has also been paired with three different manual gearboxes in addition to three specs of DSG dual-clutch transmissions. the idea was also fitted across four brands – VW, Audi, Seat in addition to Skoda – in addition to most cars were modified every product year. 

The spokesman also declined to speculate on how much effect the ‘defeat device’ could have had on NEDC results. In 2009 Europe’s NOx regulations were not as strict as those imposed inside USA, when legal limits were set at 70 milligrams/km, a drop of 0% compared to the limits of which had previously been in place. of which has led to suggestions affected cars would certainly not have needed to activate the cheat software during European testing because the idea would certainly not have been required to pass the tests. In 2009 the EU5 emissions limit for NOx was 180mg/km.

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Source: VW 'doesn't know' if cars cheated European tests

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