Voting for 2016 Autocar Readers' Champion closes

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Source : Voting for 2016 Autocar Readers' Champion closes

Autocar top 50 closed vote for the 2016 Autocar readers champion. At some point within the middle of the road, the top 10 cars featured seven cars built or designed in Britain


poll champion in 2016 Autocar readers closed This particular morning, two weeks after the vote.

seven cars in which have been made or in which have been created in Britain is actually currently among the top 10 cars within the competition for the title of champion Autocar readers, however the results are in, along with will be announced within the fresh Autocar look awards on May 24 at Silverstone.

cars in which were the most well-known among the voters at some point within the middle of the road are a diverse group, with the Morgan 3 Wheeler sits side by side with the likes of the Range Rover Sport, Lotus Elise 570S along with McLaren. well-known non-British included the Volvo XC90 along with the all-fresh all-electric Tesla product S

within the middle of the road, along with the top 10 featured the following vehicles, which are arranged in alphabetical order:

Bentley Bentayga

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Jaguar XE

Land Rover Discovery

Lotus Elise

McLaren 570S

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Range Rover Sport

Tesla product S

Volvo XC90

[19459004other] Britons on the list include the likes of BAC Mono , along with Ariel atom is actually equivalent to all the terrain, along with Nomad , along with Caterham seven 620S .

are against big names via all over the earth, such as BMW 3 series along with M235i , along with GTB Ferrari 488 along with F12 , along with Mercedes-Benz S-Class along with Porsche 911 GT3 RS . As well as luxury cars along with supercars, products such as Ford Fiesta ST , Mazda 3 along with Volkswagen until they are at odds, too.

Jim holder, editorial director of Autocar, PistonHeads along with What Car?, Said: “With so many wonderful cars via all over the earth competing for the title of champion of Autocar readers, in which is actually great to see the British do in which well within the initial voting

. ” The diversity of compounds in which voted for is actually a real testimony to the British car industry, along with have found in which we can produce everything via going to any place within the form of luxury Range Rover absolute pleasure of Morgan 3 Wheeler along with Lotus Elise. in which would likely be wonderful to see what comes out victorious when voting closes. “

watch more for a hero Autocar readers poll” in Autocar video here .

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Source: Voting for 2016 Autocar Readers' Champion closes

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