Volvo XC40 crossover concept revealed

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Volvo XC40 concept concept crossover little unveiled in Gothenburg. Uses a hybrid along with the brand-new compact brand-new modular architecture Volvo


along with Volvo was unveiled concept XC40 crossover at a special ceremony in Gothenburg, which will be the first brand-new car used the Charter along with the modular architecture of the brand (CMA) platform.

concept, which is usually called 40.1, is usually a thinly disguised look at what the brand-new XC40 will look like when of which is usually launched next year. of which was detected along V40 electric concept for the brand, called 40.2.

will be built each of the XC40 along with V40 of the brand-new compact along with modular architecture Volvo, which supports both the little company’s products along with those of her company the Chinese language, my generation.

XC40 Concept uses a hybrid powertrain having a three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine works with an electric motor.

The 40.1 reveals of which – in spite of the same brands such as XC90 T8 – along with XC40 will be front-wheel drive. Powertrain described the concept as the T5 engine uses twin 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, is usually closely related to the existing 2.0-liter four-pot, along with pushes the front wheels combined with an electric motor along with through seven double-clutch gearbox speed. We’re told the total co-production of powertrain gasoline along with electricity along with 250 bhp along with of which of which will have 50KM – 30 miles – through the pure electric range, yet did not announce any some other characters after

design carries through so much. Language form the largest Volvo’s products, with the front-end design similar XC90 sports along with angular to the side of personal data on 40.1. (There is usually also a similarity goes to Citroen C4 Cactus with the removal of cladding them.)

Mertens says the hybrid is usually designed to improve the environmental numbers, along with we should expect along with T5 exists a class -leading numbers CO2. The electric motor is usually able to engage along with pull through a separate clutch shaft linking the introduction of transmission, along with to enhance the efficiency even further.

“of which’s an innovative along with very effective group, which is usually a very effective solution in terms of cost to the high performance along with the numbers are very low CO2”, as he said to us, “Planning is usually the most effective way when of which comes to friction losses, of which resolved packing Intelligent packaging – others have developed the motor between the transmission along with the engine, which is usually not as cost-effective, along with not as effective as is usually the case when of which comes to friction losses. ”

talk about the Capital Market Authority, Peter Mertens, Volvo’s R & Coach D, British reporters of which of which should be seen as a smaller platform, the brother of the big SPA which supports the Volvo 0. The chain’s family, along with says of which will provide a similar degree of what he calls ” plug along with play “flexibility.

“The architecture is usually as modular as SPA”, he told us of which “we have a very successful plan for how to do This kind of along with of which has been poured into the Capital Market Authority. You could almost say of which’s the younger brother’s SPA when of which comes to flexibility along with atypical “.

This kind of means of which the Centeng will allow for both options front along with four-wheel drive, with Mertens recognition of which of which will not allow Geely to use the cheapest components while still Volvo’s allowed to make copies of which will be able to compete within the luxury car category. He said he can even make a copy with the rear axle powered by electricity, similar to of which of the Volvo XC90 T8 twin engine, even though of which comes later.

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Source: Volvo XC40 crossover concept revealed

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