Volvo to take on Ford Focus with brand new little designs

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Source : Volvo to take on Ford Focus with brand new little designs


This particular Autocar image shows how the proposed Volvo XC40 could look

Volvo as well as parent company Geely set up a brand new development centre for future Ford Focus-sized designs

Work on a brand new family of baby Volvos can be under way following the opening of the brand new China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) operation in Sweden.

the idea describes itself as an “engineering as well as development centre for future C-segment cars, addressing the needs of Volvo Cars as well as Geely Auto”.

Based in Gothenburg, CEVT can be owned by Volvo’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

The CEO of the brand new company can be Mats Fagerhag, who was the lead engineer for the defunct Phoenix platform, which was intended to underpin a brand new family of Saabs.

CEVT says the brand new facility will be capable of engineering a whole vehicle, including the underlying architecture, powertrain as well as transmission, upper Centeng engineering as well as external design.

This particular brand new C-segment architecture will be used for brand new Geely designs – including designs of which will be sold in Europe – as well as the replacement for the Volvo V40 as well as the proposed XC40 compact SUV.

Because these vehicles will span a wide cost as well as content range, the architecture will use an unusual philosophy based around ‘common interfaces’.

The technique was pioneered by truck maker Scania, which was also advising Fagerhag on the technique when he was developing Phoenix.

CEVT calls This particular technique “modular technology”. Firstly, the base structure will be scalable in its length, width, height, wheelbase as well as wheel size. Secondly, in order to build cars at widely differing cost points, whole modules can be produced to meet “different performance steps”.

For example, a front-end module (which includes the front suspension as well as steering system) of which can be specified with “different performance levels for handling, noise as well as vibrations” will be developed for the platform.

Another example can be the way the brand new heating as well as ventilation system will be developed. The brand new climate control system will be technologically scalable producing sure of which the idea can be produced in manual as well as automatic versions, with one or several temperature zones as well as having different levels of air quality filters.

The CEVT plan should allow a wide range of type types to be constructed coming from This particular modular toolkit. the idea should also make the idea quicker andeasier to add brand new technology to the base architecture, as well as developing brand new type variants.

According to the jobs currently available at CEVT, a hybrid powertrain will be part of the brand new architecture, as well as mechanical all-wheel drive.

the idea seems likely of which the hybrid will use an electrified rear axle, a technology of which Fagerhag was working on for the Phoenix project.

Volvo has already announced of which This particular brand new vehicle architecture will be used for the successor to the V40, which can be currently based on a modified Ford EUCD platform. the idea will also spawn an XC40 compact SUV.

Geely has yet to say which type of vehicles the idea will produce using This particular architecture, however they will be aimed at both the European as well as Chinese domestic markets. Any brand new designs are likely to be at least two as well as a half years away coming from appearing in showrooms.

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Source: Volvo to take on Ford Focus with brand new little designs

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