Volvo to offer virtual keys coming from 2017

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Source : Volvo to offer virtual keys coming from 2017

Volvo keyless Volvo confirms in which the item will be the first supplier received a to offer digital key technology cars


Volvo plans to introduce virtual technology key to the group of vehicles in 2017, using mobile phone technology to replace the traditional car key.

will replace the vehicle key using a digital virtual switch Bluetooth technology in which can be downloaded to a smartphone application. The application will be available on iOS, Android along with Windows devices, along with repeats the typical basic functions such as lock, unlock along with Discharge the boot. the item also allows drivers to start the engine remotely.

Volvo will use the current security systems in which both inside car along with holding a key part of encrypted keys to protect the vehicle coming from potential hackers combination. If the vehicle battery goes flat along with can not identify the key, the drivers must call for roadside assistance.

multiple virtual keys can be stored on an individual device, allowing easy access to numerous Volvos. The fresh technology can be used for the planned car rental along with car sharing, where the key can be loaded with the lease agreement. the item will be a step Volvo claims will provide more flexibility to customers.

will be implemented

experiments This specific spring with the vehicle company sharing Sunfleet, which will be based in Sweden. the item will continue to provide the physical keys to customers who want them.

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Source: Volvo to offer virtual keys coming from 2017

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