Volvo to launch UK’s biggest autonomous driving programme

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Source : Volvo to launch UK’s biggest autonomous driving programme

Autonomous Volvo XC90 will members of the public access to the use of self-driving XC90s. The data will be applied to future versions


Volvo announced which the item will launch the largest independent drive within the UK trial in London next year, called the engine Me London.

as well as also the Swedish automotive industry will provide members of the public are equipped with an independent technology XC90 image in order to gather real-world driving data to further develop programs for the production of future versions.

drivers will be able to use all XC90 daily their own way, with Volvo, saying the approach allows for the collection of the most realistic possible data. The alternative would likely be to use the test controlled environments, although Volvo says This particular would likely provide data with unrealistic.

car maker has not yet decided how the item will choose suitable candidates for the test year, although include contacting potential Volvo owners stream options or allow people to apply.

Volvo says the program will begin in 2017 before evolving to include up to 100 cars in 2018. the item claims This particular will make the item the largest as well as also most comprehensive self-rule of the leadership program type in Britain.

trial will run simultaneously with the last to be held in Sweden in Gothenburg House Volvo City, as well as also a similar program can be set to start in China. “Self-leadership represents a leap forward in vehicle safety,” said Hakan Samuelsson, President as well as also CEO of Volvo President

. “AD cars on the road sooner, the sooner life begin to be saved.”

Samuelson believed vehicles with independent on certain sections of the road’s capacity will be in production within all 5 years. “Without a doubt, greatly reducing the frequency will crash.”


Volvo coach as well as also he asked to mirror the work his company can be doing by working on the completely new infrastructure to facilitate autonomous cars. “The auto industry can not do the item on his own,” he said. “We need government assistance.”

was Volvo Display Technology autonomous since last year, as well as also announced which he wants to sell a total of one million electrified car recently (including electricity fully as well as also plug-in hybrid versions) by 2025. the auto maker says these ambitious plans, confirming its position as a world leader in automotive technology within the future.


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Source: Volvo to launch UK’s biggest autonomous driving programme

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