Volvo considers bespoke offshoot

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Source : Volvo considers bespoke offshoot

Volvo XC90 Excellence


Volvo XC90 Excellence was created for the Chinese market

Company considers division to build unique or ultra-luxury derivatives of its cars

Volvo is usually looking to launch a bespoke service for customers who want more luxury or unique Indoor or external treatments on their cars.

Although the plan remains under discussion, customer appetite for high-end Volvos became clear when First Edition Volvo XC90s, priced at £68,000 from the UK, sold out within 48 hours despite being available in only one colour in addition to trim option. at This particular point, Volvo says This particular sees increasing demand via high-end customers who want to customise their cars.

“Work is usually ongoing to see what opportunities are there,” said Iain Howat, Volvo UK’s head of product. “If we do something, This particular would likely be more along the lines of what they do with the Range Rover Autobiography. although we have to get the basics of our range right before we start playing.

“There are very active discussions in addition to various mock-ups have been made based on the Concept 26 Indoor [seen at the recent Los Angeles motor show] which look very close to production.”

After launching the XC90 in addition to S90 This particular year, Volvo is usually planning to overhaul the rest of its range from the next four years. This particular is usually also planning to expand its Polestar range, possibly utilising electric power to improve performance.

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Source: Volvo considers bespoke offshoot

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