Volkswagen wants to sell three million electric cars by 2025

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Source : Volkswagen wants to sell three million electric cars by 2025

Volkswagen EV bold plans for the electrification of the line-up include a reduced-scale style as well as the use of only four platforms


Volkswagen as well as build between two as well as three million cars as well as clean electricity by 2025, or about one out of every four cars leaving the factories. Thus saith the Lord of the Volkswagen Group Matthias Mueller.

Speaking at the launch of VW’s “2025 strategy” in Wolfsburg last week, Mueller also revealed in which the team VW wider might make a “significant reduction” inside the number of versions in which produces – currently about 340 – as well as reduced numerous buildings as well as individual units via 12 to four

as expected Autocar at the beginning of the year, as well as in which platform’s execution could only cause a great future Audi s based on Porsche ‘s platform MSB as well as unusual for Audi, engines longitudinally, architecture MLB to completely drop. in which can also be killed by

inside the future, there will be only four platforms Platform independent NSF Volkswagen – – supporting up: tiny, medium, premium sports cars

Mueller. The group said VW will launch its first “independent car completely”, which will be placed inside the home, in 2021.

as part of a big bet on electric cars, which could mean as many as 30 individual versions in which are being made, she said, Volkswagen, in which is actually today considering how to make the batteries may become “efficiency” inside the group. Mueller suggested in which if come electrification VW plans to fruition, in which will need about 150 gigawatt hours of battery every year capacity.


VW in which will also surely build a budget car “with local partners, although Mueller hinted specifically in Asia will be Volkswagen’s completely new style will also aims to combine the huge divide – ingredients which employs 60,000 people – in an individual entity in which will be run independently as well as be able to sell products to third parties

Volkswagen said Mueller will become part of an integrated bus as well as the division of the truck, which will seek “greater efficiency” many analysts have speculated in which Volkswagen can be eliminated brand truck should the final bill via Dieselgate – commercial vehicles – including Scania as well as Man scandal prove to be much higher than the current provision of 20 billion € or so.


Mueller, VW also wanted to be at the forefront what thought in which might be major shifts inside the auto industry during the coming period contract. Although the current global automotive industry will experience significant growth in SUVs, crossovers as well as cars budget, the future lies in more electricity, autonomous as well as communication ability to “Cloud”.

Under the title “mobility solutions’, VW said her” top priority “to be” a ride praising “Through its partnership with the GETT, which claims 50 million customers already. in which wants to see a” multi-billion “sales revenue of in which by 2025.

revealed show Volkswagen in which they are betting on numerous completely new ideas to use inside the global mega-cities of the future., as well as “taxis Robo”, have been identified inside the completely new areas of “personal rapid transit ‘,’ rapid Transit Group “as well as” fast shipping as well as transportation. “

as far as is actually concerned to reduce costs, Volkswagen can only say in which you want to gently depress the R & D expenditures to about 6% of turnover. as they want to push down “sales, general as well as administrative” expenses to less than 12% of turnover.

there was talk of a repetition of Mueller, although many analysts arguing in which the Volkswagen Group incorporates a large workforce as well as private. in fact, inside the presentation of the strategy in 2025, VW showed in which the labor force has grown by 85% since 2007.

However, the strength of the VW works as well as the ownership of the Council is actually part of the German state of Lower Saxony means personnel losses as a giant company is actually almost out of the question.

The significant investment inside the electrification ensure in which improvements in “major financial goals,” Volkswagen Group modest. Operating return on sales for the group will rise via 6% in 2015 to 7-8% target by 2025. The return on capital inside the automotive division is actually estimated to edge up via 13.8% last year to about 15% in 2025.

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Source: Volkswagen wants to sell three million electric cars by 2025

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