Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE reveals next Touareg at Beijing motor show

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Source : Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE reveals next Touareg at Beijing motor show

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Volkswagen has previewed the next generation of the Touareg with T- president of GTE concept, revealed inside Beijing Exhibition


Volkswagen has previewed the third generation next Touareg using a fresh concept called Luxury T- ​​president of GTE concept.

revealed inside 2016 Beijing Motor Show, in which displays the Inside features controlled by the gesture in addition to plug-in petrol-electric hybrid propulsion system.

concept of T-PRIME will be described GTE car in preparation for the next Touareg, which says Volkswagen will sit at the top of a strong several years inside future SUV product.

will be based on the production edition of the T- president of GTE concept of the platform MLB sister company Audi. This particular means in which they may share its construction, electrical engineering architectural in addition to mechanical package with the second generation of the recently introduced Audi Q7 in addition to Bentley Bentayga , as well as future incarnations of the Porsche Cayenne in addition to the upcoming Lamborghini Urus.

while the next Cayenne in addition to Urus will be scheduled to use a edition of the database short wheels MLB platform, has been conceived for the fresh Touareg on the edition long wheelbase, as Q7 in addition to used Bentley Bentayga.

as hinted by the fresh concept, in which will be set to adopt next Touareg design first seen on Phideon . in which will have an edgy appearance featuring chrome-plated grille dramatically, in addition to lines-minute feature, taut surfaces, wheelhouses filled with large 22in wheels shod with 285/40 profile tires in addition to practical several-door design.

inside long 5069mm, 2000MM wide in addition to 1708 mm tall, the concept of GTE T- Prime Minister will be a big 269mm longer in addition to 60 MM 20MM broader although less than today’s second-generation Touareg.

inside, in which provides the concept of GTE T- Prime seating for only four on the front in addition to rear individual seats. However, Volkswagen officials recognize the production edition will be likely to provide seating for up to seven in three rows of seats in a similar design to the Audi Q7.

The dashboard of the fresh concept will be characterized by high-definition active display information package tool, as well as a large 15in high-definition screen inside center console – the last acts as a control center for a variety of controls, a move in which has allowed Volkswagen to get rid of most of the functions of the keys traditional. As well as support for touch control, the screen can also be controlled via gestures, such as swipe of his hand.

Also included will be a newly developed multi-function steering wheel with similar communication platforms to those adopted last Mercedes-Benz E-Class .

power of the concept of the Volkswagen comes by the components inside fresh system of gasoline-electric hybrids, similar in principle to in which in use in game GTE Golf in addition to Passat GTE

in which combines a 2.0-liter gasoline engine turbo four-cylinder longitudinally mounted develop 248bhp in addition to 273 lb ft using a brushless electric motor integrated into the front of the eight-speed automatic tray-speed T-section head of GTE concept in which produces 134bhp in addition to 258 lb feet.

Overall, the internal combustion engine in addition to electric motor provides co-production system for the 376 in addition to 516 bhp strong lb-ft of torque. This particular will be 1bhp in addition to 89 lb ft more than the Tuareg existing gasoline-electric hybrid system, which mates in addition to super 3.0-liter V6 engine with an electric motor, although without the ability to plug in.

with the clutch HALDEX multi-pattern plate connected drive permanently to all four wheels, Volkswagen theoretical 0-62mph time of 6.0 sec in addition to claims a top speed of 139mph for T- president.

will be placed along cycle fuel consumption inside EU test cycle in 104.6mpg in gasoline-electric mode, the equivalent of the average CO2 emission figure of 63g in addition to / km. However, Volkswagen also quotes a personal real world of 35.3mpg, which offers a fresh concept with an average CO2 rating more realistic than 187g / km.

can be delivered

power of lithium-ion battery mounted under the luggage compartment either by a standard 240-volt power supply connection in 3.6kW or high power charger through 400 volts at 7.2kW. The former provides a full charge in eight hours, while the latter claims the battery even higher inside two hour in addition to a half


driver three different driving modes: E mode, hybrid in addition to GTE. in which provides status E pure electric operation with four-wheel drive up to a range of 31miles on a fully charged battery, according to Volkswagen. A hybrid mode in which combines the efforts of a gasoline engine in addition to an electric motor inside case of optimal consumption. GTE mode uses the electric motor to enhance the performance of the combustion engine to provide full power in addition to torque.

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Source: Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE reveals next Touareg at Beijing motor show

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