Volkswagen stars in real-world NOx emissions tests

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Source : Volkswagen stars in real-world NOx emissions tests

Emissions Analytics air quality measuring nitrogen oxides emissions from the real world. Many diesel Volkswagen get the highest score. Fiat 500X, Ssangyong Korando along with Audi A8 along with miscalculation


many latest Euro 6 diesel engines along with automotive gasoline given the highest ratings from the completely new emissions that will measure nitrogen oxides levels of tests (nitrogen Volkswagen dioxide) emitted during driving conditions from the real world.

EQUA Air Quality Index, launched by the company to measure emissions by vehicle emissions analyzes, along with test some of the latest versions of a group of car manufacturers. Tested vehicles are given a rating of ‘A’ to ‘H’, depending on how clean they are, with the results of the study, which openly along with freely available published. Category contradict the official tests, carried out in laboratory conditions to ensure redundancy along with that will result in either “pass” or “fail” result for manufacturers

The first batch of data that will focuses on 440 cars – including 112 vehicle equipped with the latest diesel fuel along with gasoline euro 6 engines – shows that will there are many versions by within the Volkswagen group have been granted ‘A’ rating, indicating that will they meet the required test lab euro 6 limits

Top-. Include gasoline versions ranked Audi A1 (123bhp 1.4 liter), A3 (148bhp 1.4 liter), A4 (187bhp 2.0 liter), A5 (170bhp 1.8-liter) along with RS3 (362bhp 2.5 liter), SEAT Ibiza (108bhp 1.2-liter along with 148bhp 1.4-liter l) along with Lyon (148bhp along with 150 bhp 1.4-liter along with 261 bhp along with 286 bhp 2.0 liters), along with Volkswagen Polo (123bhp 1.4-liter) golf (115bhp 1.0-liter, 138bhp 1.4- liter, 218bhp along with 296 bhp 2.0-liter) along with 19,459,015 Polo (89bhp 1.2-liter).

‘include Euro 6 diesel versions Audi A5 (graded A’- 161bhp 2.0 liter), Skoda Superb (148bhp 2.0-liter) along with VW Golf SV (148bhp 2.0 liters), VW Passat (118bhp 1.6 liter), Volkswagen Scirocco (148bhp 2.0-liter) along with Volkswagen Touran (108bhp for the 1.6-liter)

different manufacturers with the ‘A’ rated euro include 6 petrols compatible with: BMW, Citroen, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Mercedes, Mini, Smart, Suzuki, Vauxhall along with Volvo. BMW was the the can be VW- the only group that will registers on the ‘A’ rating using a diesel engine, with 184bhp unit 2.0-liter engine for series 3.

However, the lowest rated Volkswagen car powered by euro 6 diesel – along with 89 bhp Volkswagen Polo powered by a 1.4-liter engine 89bhp – were classified only as “F”, pointing out that will he will not meet any standard of previous European standards along with emits six to eight times the amount of the permitted by nitrogen oxides per day euro 6 tests

Moreover, was awarded three cars powered by euro 6 diesel engines up to date on ‘H’ rating – indicating that will they emit high levels of nitrogen oxides up to 12 times the legal standard for Euro 6 compatibility. Those are Fiat 500X (118bhp 1.6-liter diesel), Ssangyong Korando (176bhp diesel 2.2-liter) along with Audi A8 (247bhp diesel 3.0-liter). the automobile was powered by the lowest credit rating on the list Ford Focus (123bhp 1.0 liter), which got a rating of “E”, along with This particular means that will they only meet the Euro 3 standards.

In line with many different manufacturers, many euro 5 rating using a diesel engine VW cars by the ‘E’ group, the ‘h’, along with This particular means that will they are not compatible with any euro standard along with former emit nearly 12 times the limit of euro 6 NOx. These engines are no longer for sale in completely new cars.

a complete set of results can be available here .

However, some manufacturers have questioned the validity of the evaluation. A spokesman for Fiat: “This particular can be a test developed by the emissions the same analysis we do not know the manner in which the idea was or if the idea can be replicable We are 100% behind the test from the real world, yet at the same time we will work on.. Regulations that will provide us consistent along with tests repeatable along with we do not think the idea’s fair to be judged on This particular result along with one “


a spokesman for Ford Autocar:” .. We do not recognize This particular result, we need to understand how the test was done, along with if repeat “

Speaking to Autocar, emissions analyzes coach Nick Molden said: “the presentation of these brewing for a long time, yet the thing from the short term dieselgate. the idea suddenly pushed emissions from the public domain, because the idea was the only subject of a specialist until then. when dieselgate dawn we had more than anyone data to be able to demonstrate the relationship between cars along with high emissions of oxides of nitrogen.

“Volkswagen comes as the winners of the head along with shoulders out of This particular. They have This particular historic problem, yet the current diesel can be cleaner from the market “

said (SMMT) Mike Hughes, chief executive of the Association of manufacturers along with car dealers:” We can not comment on the results of unofficial tests, where durability or unclear methodology. However, SMMT along with the industry recognizes the need to reform the EU testing process.

“We support the introduction next year of laboratory tests more onerous along with better reflect real-world driving, along with Real Madrid on the road driving emissions (RDE) test that will will measure nitrogen oxides, yet also different emissions , including soot particles by each of the cluster along with number. This particular will be the toughest emission testing system from the planet, with any product does not meet This particular criterion stringent not to allow the sale. ”

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Source: Volkswagen stars in real-world NOx emissions tests

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