Volkswagen predicts diesel sales will decline

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Source : Volkswagen predicts diesel sales will decline

Volkswagen market share of diesel cars inside the United Kingdom will fall, says Volkswagen coach Volkswagen United Kingdom, along with will hit the tiny car first


Volkswagen , along with speculated in which the diesel share of the automobile market inside the United Kingdom go down to as low as 30% as alternative-fuel cars in which run promote sales fell.

“diesel ratio will decline. This particular is usually already happening. The first to be affected will be the tiny car” Boss Volkswagen Group inside the UK, Paul Willis, who was speaking inside the future of automotive summit by the Financial Times newspaper organization.

Willis puts on a 30% stake inside the lower part of his assessment of the market along with said This particular would likely “probably” will remain high up to 40%. Willis did not provide a timetable for the decline. If the diesel market fall to 30%, This particular will be reduced to 2005 levels – a 11-year retrenchment

if This particular bottoms out at 40%, will be back to 2007 levels

share of the diesel market is usually currently tracking 55% of the UK market – a significant increase since the government of Blair / Brown began to stimulate the diesel workers’ Party in 1999 as part of the UK’s commitment to reduce CO2 output. At in which time, diesel took 14% of sales inside the United Kingdom

This particular decline was due to two main factors: the growing awareness of the associated health issues, poor air quality, along with the issue of Dieselgate in which put the economy inside the constructors’ fuel consumption along with pollutant figures questioned .

At the same time, hybrid gasoline engines are increasing their capacities along with available electric car battery fills This particular gap.

According to Richard Bruce, the boss of the government office for low-emission vehicles, which manages £ 400 million in grants for cars semi-75G / km, sales along with booming. Bruce said: “The electric car sales inside the United Kingdom in February, more than the market as a whole in 2011,”

However, Willis predicted in which the decline in diesel will stop because of the need for many drivers to own a car in which could be driving longer distances along with will be strengthened Easily. “Diesel will continue to play an important role inside the market for drivers who need the flexibility,” he said.

Willis also predicted in which the decline will be halted, brand-new clean diesel engine designs. This particular will alleviate some of the pressure on local environmental pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide along with particulate matter.

When asked at the conference on the prospects for the remaining values ​​of diesel cars, which might be likely to fall if demand drops, Willis said there is usually no evidence of second-hand values ​​decline. He said: “In terms of kicked residual values, along with we do not see a decline,”

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Source: Volkswagen predicts diesel sales will decline

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