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Source : Volkswagen Polo G40 tested – Throwback Thursday

Volkswagen Polo G40 In 1991, the Volkswagen Polo G40 was’ near-fetched to being excellent against rival Ford Fiesta XR2i


Self-lights Volkswagen Polo which was not famous for its effectiveness even attached to the company’s engineers to 1272cc engine supercharger under the hood of the 1.3 GT type.

The result was a brawny GTI Bashir called the Polo G40, later in reference to the supercharger, twin vortex which looks like the letter “G” rooms as well as was 40MM in width.

When Autocar test as well as G40 MK2, we describe the effect of adding a supercharger as “nothing less than dramatic.” Raise peak power to 113bhp at 6000rpm, with 111lb ft at 3600rpm. “These are high-profile figures through 1300 as well as enable Polo out of the GT class within the junior arena GTI tough,” wrote our laboratory.

cost the Polo G40 £ 11568, compared with £ 11469 as well as of Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 as well as £ 11586 of the Ford Fiesta XR2 i.

while VW MacPherson strut in front as well as semi-trailing arm rear suspension has not changed significantly, as well as received a spring as well as damper rates G40 attention as well as wore fine lattice alloy with 175/60 ​​Continental tires. as well as additional equipment include some red hot pipe slot as well as steering wheel semi sports. We described our overall impact test as “elegant as well as understated.”

There was nothing understated about the performance, however. “The top speed of 119mph is usually not too far adrift of claim 122mph Volkswagen as well as strikingly 1300cc engine”, according to our tests. “122mph 205 shined in just about the battles within the face of challenge, nevertheless remain red-faced within the feast 118mph.

” The G40 is usually accelerative embarrassing too. which is usually speeding up the rest to 60 mph in 8.4sec, with 0.5sec through XR2i shaved 0.3sec time 205. which is usually a definitely big clouds energy tiddler capacity as well as leaves rivals 1.6 liters of breath. “

story on the road were mixed.. gearchange has been described as the “sticky as well as inaccurate” as well as part throttle response was “not particularly fragile”

structure to deal with the power well, though: “torque steering a moderate traction as well as consistently Great. The precise as well as communicative steering, nevertheless suffers through the odd over-work center which pulls the lock under power. “

, however, described the G40 as” lots of fun “, that has a slight understeer food to deal with the property, garnished with” meal Sundae generous of (Muslim crude) Modified choke “which allowed a neutral balance to the middle of the corner achieved.

” grip was Great rather than exceptional average ride is usually the best on the high speeds of the city, nevertheless everything is usually in each chassis feels remarkably well sorted. which could be nice to say the same thing about the brakes, nevertheless, unfortunately, they suffer through the initial death toll to travel as well as feel spongy worrying “

also expressed reservations quality of construction,” seems to have taken a step back. which dropped surround plastic seat tilting back of the driver’s armrest as well as impressed none of our tests of molds as well as fabrics looking cheap. “

mixed picture, then. generating sure which choose our tests Polo G40 more than 205 shined or XR2i feast? Not quite:” As a result of the full £ 11,500 hot hatch, they stumbled. Dealings Great way, nevertheless not Great enough, while in terms of quality gearchange as well as cabin completion disappoint. However, the Polo G40 is usually fetched close to being an excellent car, “

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Source: Volkswagen Polo G40 tested – Throwback Thursday

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